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What's the Best Gel Blaster 2021?

The Best Gel Blasters Review for 2021

Hi, the Industry Crusher - ZHENDUO Blaster. We come back again to summerize what's the best gel ball blaster in 2021 today. Although fewer new gel blasters are released in 2021 than 2020, there are still some models worth recommending.

As the year 2021 drawing to an end, we all have went through a hard trip, isn't it? The gel blaster industry is changing in a fast pace and some events have a great impact on the industy. The pandemic delayed all the international logistics and the gel blaster ban in mainland China has restricted the gelsoft invention and development. In Australia, which is the biggest gel blaster market in the world, has suffered a gel blaster ban in some states like SA, only in QLD it's legal now.

While on the other hand, the gelblasters in the USA is on the trend of rising. More and more people are getting into this sports.

After days of researching, testing and comparing all gel ball blaster models on the market. ZHENDUO have finally put together this review for all blaster enthuiasts. This ultimate review and buying guide of 2021 will not only help you know the trends industry but also get to know what's worth to buy. 

What is the best Gel Blaster in 2021?

The Simple answer is depending on the type. Actually, this is a big question and clearly no definitive answer. But no worries ZHENDUO Blasters expertise have already listed the rank and know what we think is the best. Check our ranking below.

Best Kids Gel Blaster

No.1 The Gel Blaster Surge, or so called std-x2 or yt-666

The gel blaster surge was made by the toy gun brand in China, a company called STD. The surge design is very kids and family oriented, it's electric 7.4v battery powered, built with the famous skd m1911 gearbox. It's fun for ages over 12 and the kids would love getting outside and playing with Gel Blasters. Its non-firearm futuristic look, compact and lightweight design, safety gel ball shooting made the surge blaster the best kids gel blaster in 2021.

gel blaster surge review

Main features:

  • It uses skd 1911 gearbox, high rate of fire and good accuracy.
  • Hopper fed gel ball feeding makes less feeding issue and one gravity hopper can hold up to 800 Gellets.
  • Easy to use and install. It comes already assembled, so simply charge the battery using the USB charging wire, fill the hopper bottle with grown gel balls and attach the hopper to the top of the Blaster. Then turn on the safety switch and you gonna have hours of fun!
  • Suitable for individual or teamplay. The surge comes with a blue and orange color fins, good for distinguishing the friends and enemy on the field and easily switch team.


FPS:  150

RPS: 12

Range:  100 feet

                                                      The gel blaster surge Introduction

Currently we have UK and USA limited local stock, these last local warehouse stock are in a clearance sale. For other countries we can directly ship from China.

Check detailed review here: gel blaster surge review

Click to Shop: Gel Blaster Surge

No.2 The RS99-17 Glock

Here are the kids style glock gel blaster, it's totally original design made by zhenduo, brand is BIU. It's electric, hopper fed and uses pistol gearbox. It has less powerful than the surge gel blaster, so we think it's more perfect and safer for kids to play. If you are looking for a gift present for your children, then this is a good toy gun option!

rs99 glock blaster


FPS:  120

RPS: 8

Range:  100 feet

                                                BIU RS99-17 Gel Blaster Introduction

Shop the RS99-17 Glock

Best CQB gel blaster 

As you may have heard of the bf p90, that p90 is made with high quality and good fire supply. But the bad news is that the Bingfeng has quitted the gel blaster market, the bf p90 is stopped making. However the good news is that the Runqi, which is another toy gun brand, decided to take the chance and published its new p90 in 2021, this new p90 is with the new gearbox which uses 7mm gel balls.

runqi p90 gel blaster review

                           the new rq p90 with cool skin

rq p90 gearbox

RQ p90 new 7-8mm gearbox, looks similar to the rx desert eagle gearbox

The compact size and good performance high rate of fire, the rq p90 is definitely the best CQB gel blaster of 2021. I am sure this gelsoft will optimize cqb type of combat, get your adrenaline going and win the close quarter battle. It's also a very good gift ideas for kids.


FPS:  180

RPS: 8-10

Range:  up to 25 meters

                                                        RQ P90 assembly and shooting test

We have USA local stock, Check the RQ P90 Gel Blaster

Best AK Gel Blaster

The winner is the Lehui SLR AK! The lh slr ak is a unqiue hybrid design gel ball blaster, combined the structure of the slr and ak blaster. Basically you can take it as a type of ak with some slr details. It has an orange cover to make it less looked like a firearm imitation, and you can change the cover to the black metal one which is included in the package. It is the best ak gel blaster that includes both aesthetic and functionality.

It has strong nylon construction, blowback feature, 480 short motor, 60% ported cylinder,  metal barrel and metal gears. The performance is pretty stable with the original factory setout. And there is a lot of room for upgrading, you can use 11.1v battery, more powerful shs or chihai motor to give it a fire boost.

lehui slr ak review


FPS:  230 (can upgrade to 300)

RPS: 15 (20 with 11.1v)

Range:  up to 25 meters

it can only ship from China to USA and Russia, check the Lehui SLR AK Gel Blaster

Best Bolt Action Gel Blaster

When choosing the best bolt action sniper gel blaster, we are on a fence whether to select the zm/jy awm or the jy msr.But taking into the consideration of the performance, upgrade options and the price, the jieying awm gel ball blaster would win the competition!

The swift hawk awm is made in 1:1 scale,  realistic designed. With electric powered magazine to provide a perfect gel ball feeding. The bolt and inner barrel are made with metal.  It has 3 colors variations: green, tan and black.

This awm has a better performed upgrades option that's the main reason it's better than the MSR.

you can improve it's shooting power by upgrading the cylinder kit and the spring.

Cylinder kit:


and you can also increse its shooting range with this DK hop up:

jy awm gel blaster review


  • Up to 290-300 FPS
  • 20-25 meters shooting range
  • Initial velocity: 70m/s

                                the jy awm shooting performance test

Only can send to RU and US, here is the JY AWM Gel Blaster if you want it

Best Gel Blaster for kickstarter

The cyma m4 gel ball blaster gun is the best for kickstarter. It's already built with high performance version.2 gearbox, you don't need any modification cuz it's already good out of the box. It's no problems taking it to the skirmish or cqb fields. The design and constuction is also simple, easy to understand, no worries about the assembly.

cyma m4 cqb review

The cyma m4  is also the best budget gel blaster. The cost of it is relatively low, same as the jm gen 8. However it has better parts than the gen8, it has v2 gearbox with 460 long motor, mag prime,  semi auto & auto fire switch. It has more power and better performance than the gen8. Moreover, it's compatible universal 14mm reverse thread fire cap.

                                                    cyma cqb m4 gel blaster introduction


  • FPS: 250
  • RPS: 15
  • 20-25 meters shooting range

zhenduo can ship it to European Union countries and USA, check the CYMA M4 CQB now!

Best hop up

When considering upgrading your gel blaster, the hop up is a necessary thing. It has an obivous impact on the accuracy and shooting range improvement. And also you will no doubt want to fire a gel ball as fast as possible. A gel blaster hop up will immediately add backspin, turn the match tide and add your winning chance.

The best gel blaster hop-ups for enhancement  is the uband (rizer).

uband rizer metal hop up

The uband metal adjustable hop up is another rebranded hopup on the rizer metal hop up. It fit with universal 9.5mm OD inner barrel. The hop up outer dia is 16mm, length is 46mm. Made of the most strong alloy metal. Furthermore, it comes with a grub screw and has its own fastening system.

As the Rizer metal hop up been sold out due to its popularity. However the Uband was released to replace it, which is just as good as the rizer.

Shop by clicking the link below:

Uband metal Hop up

Best battery for gel blaster

I am sorry it's not bosli-po, in our opinion the KPG batteries are the best for gel ball blasters. The kingpin gear is a brand that are deficated to the gel balling industry with the greatest workmanship. All of their products are awesome, as well as the battery.

The kpg lipo batteries has 25c output rate, has both 7.4v and 11.1v variations, also you can choose sm plug or tamiya plug to fit for your blasters. Capacity: 1100mah or 1300mah.

the best gel blaster battery


Real 25c output rate, not like some batteries' fake 30c mark.

- stable power output without fluctuation.

- the battery cells made by pure cobalt, and the wire made by anaerobic copper silisone without bending

- the conducts are all silver plate welded, which provide a strong current for protection.

- good heat dissipation, they are less likely to heat up while using and can be used for long periods.

learn more on the KPG Lipo Battery

What are the best gel blaster balls?

Well, there you have the best gel blasters for 2021.

Gel balls with various quality can have an impact on the blaster performance, such as accuracy, spread and how hard people get hit. There is a range of traits that can determine whether the gel balls are the best. Taking the price and hardness into consideration, the aka v2 gel balls made by alpha king are the best.

The aka gel balls v2 version is a new branded based on the former v1 version by alpha king. It has a better consistency than the former packing. They are frosted type of gel beads with high tenacity and heavier weight.

The hardness is like around 5-6kg. They have a great strength which allows them to have the same shape during flight and create impact.

aka gel ball review

The bulk buy can get lower price, Shop the AKA Gel Balls  now!

Best brand for gel ball blaster

If you wanna to name the best brand for gel blaster, that's an question hard to answer! The best brand of gel blaster gun is always a hot topic in the community. At Zhenduo blaster, we think that the brand that offers the most powerful and proven to be effective is the best. 

So we think currently the warinterest LDT is best brand in the gel blaster industry. This is such a great brand that their products are all made with the highest standard and quality. The performance is super high. reliable and durable. They have achieved nice outcome on the field, proven to have outstanding durability and effectiveness. The drawback for the ldt is that their blasters are quite expensive. There are many ldt gel blasters available for beginners to experienced players, like mp5, hk416 3.0, ump , g36

In the End

okay, that's all for the summary for what's the best gel blasters in 2021, i believe you already have an idea for what gonna buy. Gel blaster market is changing drastically and new models and brands are poping up, zhenduo will make another best list for 2022 after we live in the 2022.

If you have any thoughts, you can leave your comments or contact us via email or facebook page.

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