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SMGs (11)

smgs gelsoft are more lightweight and compact sized than the rifles gel blasters, they are almost the same performance as the long toy guns but keep a smaller size. They are perfect for any gel ball blaster wargame situation!

the smg gel blasters shipping from china can only send to USA and Russia

SMG which is also called sub-machine gun, it's a smaller than the rifle and bigger than the pistol, and the main difference between the rifle and the smg is the ammo type, the smg uses smaller type of bullets. While in the gel blaster world, the smg gel blasters shoot the same 7mm gel balls as the rifle gel blaster.  The SMG gel ball blaster is the best choice for CQB skirmish or indoor wargame match. Their compact size with high rate of fire can make them a real killing machine in any game

You can easily find notorious sub machine models like mp5, arp9 , ump , mac10, p90, kriss vector etc,. Some smg gel blaster type is unique, only one brand designed and made it. The p90 gel blaster can be sent to USA from our US Stock