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Worker Hurricane Semi-Auto Blaster Review

 nerf hurricane blaster

The Worker Hurricane is a small semi-automatic nerf gun blaster powered by electric driven by two flywheels. It can shoot full-length Nerf foam darts. The darts will be loaded in a rotating cylinder that is housed inside a removable magazine. The blaster runs on 2pcs 14500 lithium batteries, or an XT connector can be added to run it on a 3S LiPo battery. 

It is recommended to directly change the original 2x AA battery to a lithium battery above 7.4V for better performance. The Worker Hurricane Blaster is a tiny semi-automatic design that has a six-shot regular sized dart revolving cylinder.  An easy to clip on dart clip makes it a fun addition to your battle arsenal. Featuring a sci-fi look that can fit in your pocket at an affordable price. 

Unbox the hurriane blaster

worker hurricane blaster package

           The hurricane blaster pacjage - Exquisite blaster with univerl practicability

                          There is a brief inroduction and usage steps on the back of the package

worker hurricane nerf gun

                 The hurricane front, main constuction: main body + mag

worker hurricane blaster

            The other side of the hurricane blaster, there are many screws to strength it

worker hurricane nerf gun blaster

               On the back of the hurricane, there is a switch ON/OFF button

                 After remove the mag, you can see its deisgn is really simple

worker hurricane ammo clip

                   The magazine is a revolver cylinder style that can hold 6 darts

Upgrade to 7.4v luthium battery

                                   The battery compartment in the bottom

                             find the sm plug and take it out

worker hurricane 7.4v battery exchange

                               connect the sm plug to the 7.4v lipo battery

worker hurricane manual book

                This is a detailed product manual

The hurricane Features:

- one-handed secondary weapon, the grip is designed accroding to holding position, very comforable while holding.

- start and shoot quickly and hit accurately

- install and disassemble dart clip with inserting type, quick replacement for dart clip.

Semi-Automatic electric blaster, small shaped, easy to carry

• Compatible with regular full-length darts


Brand: worker

Material: ABS plastic
Weight: 379g

Dimensions: 20 x 19 x 6cm

Applicable age: above 14


shooting range: 15m

Fire power: 35 FPS (under 2x 1.5v AA batteries)

In conclusion

The worker hurricane nerf gun is one of the best original designed blaster in 2021, it's compact size combined with high accuracy made it an awesome seconday pistol in nerf war


- cool appearance, science fiction style modeling

- high DIY availability, the barrel, batter and flywheels are replaceable, the size of cage & flywheels are perfect for smg build.

- good accuracy

- small size with potential, easy to carry and conceal

- can use 7.2cm nerf elite darts

- suitablt as a seconday in wargame


-  it's not powerful until upgrade its battery

-  limited ammo capacity

-  customers need to pay for buying its upgrades

-  loud flywheel noise

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