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This full black desert eagle gel blaster is full auto and with blowback feature! It's accurate in close range, pretty cool as a sidearm. Desert eagle gel gun: Live room: 10% off coupon code in zhenduo store: YOUTUBE #shorts #deserteagle #gelblaster
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this mp5 gel ball blaster is with a large drum mag and extendable butt stock. It can shoot very fast and stable with its gen8 gearbox. jm mp5 v2 gel blaster: Our live streaming room: 10% off coupon code in zhenduo store: YOUTUBE #shorts #toyguns #gelblaster
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the mp9 gel blaster has foldable butt stock. Mag prime charging. The packing includes two shells, one blue white and one full black shells available. Check now: Here is a 10% off discount code: YOUTUBE #shorts #gelblaster #mp9 Check our LIVE Stream room:
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new glock gel blaster arrived, this fdc g17 gel ball blaster has blowback and last round hold open feature. It's full auto and 100FPS. Learn more: 10% off coupon code: YOUTUBE #gelblaster #glock #toyguns Check our LIVE Stream room:
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the m1 bread-machine foam dart blaster is manual action and hopper-clip fed. The hopper clip will be ejected after shooting. Check now: 10% off discount code: YOUTUBE #foamblasterguns #nerfgun #toygun Check our LIVE Stream room:
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The blue white std 5s gel ball blaster has a great performance. It has up to 150 FPS and can be upgraded to 11.1v battery with 15 RPS! The large drum mag of this m4 gel blaster can hold 1000pcs gel balls! It has US stock. Check now: Here is a 10% off discount code: YOUTUBE #gelblaster #zhenduo #gelsoft
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The jm gen 8 m4a1 gel blaster is fully auto, nylon made, built with the gen8 gearbox whose power is close to the v2 gearbox. Performance is up to 250 FPS and 15RPS! The gen 8 gel ball blaster is also fully customizable, making it upgradable and more fun as a new hobby! Zhenduo Blaster has the m4a1 gel blaster in US stock. Buy jm gen8 here: #gelblaster #zhenduo #m4a1
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The uzi gel blaster is electric 7.4v battery powered full automatic toy gun. It has a large drum mag and the drum rotates during the shooting! It has US local stock, check now: 0:20 Unboxing 5:06 Shooting test 7:25 FPS test #toygun #gelblaster #unboxingvideo
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Gel Blaster Blogs

  • Sep 22, 2022 ZhenDuo X5 Gel Blaster Review & Test

    Here is the article of zhenduo x5 gel blaster review. It is a unique gelsoft blaster published by zhenduo blaster. It has a good quality at an affordable price with colt m1911 pistol design. The x5 gel ball blaster has an improved internal structure with better gears. All you need to know is the x5 gel blaster has a better performance and less issues than the jm-x2 gel blaster.

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  • Jun 16, 2022 Worker Nightingale Blaster Review

    This is zhenduo blaster review on the Worker Nightingale foam dart blaster, which is Worker’s new semi-auto flywheel powered electric compact blaster. It has 3 colors: teal; orange and gray. is really great as a backup pistol, and has a lot of potential in a game being so small and so compact

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  • Oct 27, 2021 Worker Hurricane Semi-Auto Blaster Review

    The Worker Hurricane is a small semi-automatic nerf gun blaster powered by electric driven by two flywheels. It can shoot full-length Nerf foam darts. The darts will be loaded in a rotating cylinder that is housed inside a removable magazine. The blaster runs on 2pcs 14500 lithium batteries, or an XT connector can be added to run it on a 3S LiPo battery.

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  • Oct 25, 2021 What's the Best Gel Blaster 2021?

    Hi, the Industry Crusher - ZHENDUO Blaster. We come back again to summerize what's the best gel ball blaster in 2021 today. Although fewer new gel blasters are released in 2021 than 2020, there are still some models worth recommending.

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  • Oct 23, 2021 Gel Blaster Forum

    The gel blaster forum is one of the best places to meet with other gel ball blaster enthuiasts, what you can benefit from the gel blaster forum is that you can get the latest news in the industry, new relasese, reviews, repairs info, share the builds, get the events information. And most important of all, you can ask question on the gel blasters issues and someone will kindly solve it

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  • Oct 4, 2021 HaoWei Jin Ming Glock X-1 Review

    The Hao Wei (also known as Jinming’s children’s toy barnd) just rightly launched pistol X1/2 that resembled the 3dg glock17. someone even shouted, I would rather Haowei Glock X1 than the 3dg g17 . Today we will take a look at whether the Haowei can beat the 3dg industry out.

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  • Oct 21, 2021 Feline Nerf Blaster - Injection Molding Lynx Review

    Recently, an adult manual pump action foam dart launcher produced by Yinlun Toys has just been launched. The model is called Feline. Basically it's an injection molding verions of the Orion Lynx nerf blaster. It's a simple design, with accurate accuracy. The appearance is also cool, price is very nice. It has transparent, red, purple and black green color variations

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ZhenDuo Gel Blaster Shop - Gel Ball blasters, Foam Dart Blasters. Buy Cheap Gel Blasters Near Me!

ZhenDuo is one the best gel blaster toys gun traders in the world. Since 2016 when our first JM Gen1 M4 gel blaster sold , gel blaster shop has been offering its expertise in the gel blaster gun industry to ensure a unique experience for each of our customers so you can fully enjoy skirmishing up the bush or plinking cans at home with mates in the ever growing community of gelsoft enthusiasts!  

The gel ball blaster can only shoot gel balls water beads ammo, it's similar to nerf guns and it's much safer than airsoft. We can sell both manual action and electric automatic gel blaster. We can also supply kids gel blasters for children to have fun. Our mission is to bring the cheap and the best Gel blaster toys guns to all of the world.

We opened our gel blaster Australia local warehouse on 2018 as the gel blasters sport in AU is getting popular. All places in Australia, famous places such as Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, Toowooba, North Lakes, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Morayfield, Ipswich, Maroochydore, Mackay, browns plains, Nambour, Yatala, Caloundra, Chermside, Wynnum, Capalaba, Nerang, Canberra, Donnybrook, Darwin, Hervey Bay etc,. 

However, as the gel ball gun laws getting stricted recent year in Australia, states like West Australia, WA, Victoria, NSW, Tasmania are illegal, you may need a permit or licence to possess it. Currently only Queensland QLD is a gel blaster legal state in Australia. Also, you can find lots of gel blaster fields near me in QLD as well as repair store and clubs for skirmish and wargame.

Is this Gel Blaster Shop Legit for gel blaster sale?

Yes, zhenduo blaster is a legit and safe business, And you can find positive reviews about us in facebook or trustpilot. 

As of 2022, we have expand our gel ball blaster gun business from gel blaster Australia into Gel Blaster USA, UK, France, Germany and European countries. Especially the USA gel ball blaster market is our main focus.

The cheap gel blasters covers revolver, pistols, smg, assault rifles, snipers, minigun and lmg and models like AR, hk416, glock 17, glock18, desert eagle, m92 beretta, p90, mac 10, m4, m1911, m416, uzi, g36, ssg69, sig552, kriss vector, arp9, ak47, m97, mp5, mp5k, m14, well, scar, aug, msr, m40a6, m249, kar98k, john wich, honey badger, Gen 9, Co2 & metal gel blaster etc,. All toy guns and parts, accessories like foregrip, battery and charger, magazine, helmet, gearbox, suppressor, handguard, holster, laser, hop up, grenade, face mask, bullets etc,. can direct ship to the United States from China or US local stock. The shipping is all free and the gel ball blasters price is guranteed lower than walmart, amazon, ladinwu, anstoy, hobby zone

Where can I buy the Cheap Gel Blasters near me?

I am sure this gel blaster shop is the place for purchasing the cheapest gel blaster near me and get the gel blasters in cheap price. You're luck to find this gel ball blaster online store. We are constantly striving to improve your gellyball gun experience so your able to fully enjoy the outdoors and nature the last freedom that we have left. Just feel free to contact this toy gun website what gelblaster is for kickstarter, which one is for sale and the price for wholesale.

For UK, Australia and some Europe countries, we are sorry we couldn't ship large oversized gel blasters to you, but you can still buy pistol gel blasters, pistol foam blasters, parts and gears and other toy guns below 2kg. The shipping is still all free.

Are Gel Blasters legal in US?

Currently there is no specific laws about the legality of the gel blaster gun in US and you can buy it freely from any store, however as the gel blaster ressembles a firearm weapon, it's not recommended to take it to public or let the police see it. The gel blaster is also called splatter gun, gel ball blaster, gel gun, gel shooter, gelsoft, hydrogel blaster etc,. It is a toy gun very similar to paintball or airsoft. There are electric gel blaster and manual type blaster. It's already very popular in Australia, recently it's getting trendy in the USA. We are glad to see more and more people are playing gel blasters in the US, and zhenduo will provide latest gel blasters and making it thrive in the USA.

Where can I buy the Best Gel Blaster in USA?

ZHENDUO BLASTER has been focusing on gel ball blaster toy gun since 2016, and is committed to providing gel blaster gun enthusiasts with the highest quality and most convenient services. The gel blaster Australia communities have granted us the title of "the industry crusher" as we offer the cheapest gel blasters with a decent variety and good customer service.

As of 2022, the gel blaster market has changing and evolving, more and more gas-powered blasters (gbb) have occupied the AU market, but sorry we couldn't ship the gbb as it's too risky!

To expand our gel blaster serivces into Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom, we are struggling to build up local warehouse for a faster logistic capability. Our gel blaster products cover various types, including pistol gel blasters, rifle gel blasters, shotgun gel blasters, sniper gel blasters . SMG & LMG gel blasters, serving more than 50,000 gel blaster enthusiasts and more than 100 gel ball blaster wholesaler.

For the USA customer, zhenduo can ship all Gel Blasters, foam dart blasters and other accessories to the US from China without customs issue. The carrier would be the UPS or USPS. As for the types, you can check the gel blaster USA in our top menu. This gel blaster online shop can provide you with the cheapest price, the fastest logistics and the most complete after-sales service. We promise you can enjoy the most professional gel ball gun and parts sales service, and make your gel blaster journey carry on! Get the best gel blaster near me now and make the gel ball blaster popular in the United States!

Where can I found Gel Blaster Upgraded Guide and News? You can search related gel blaster forum on google or reddit. The zhenduo can be easily found in any gel blaster forum, we are renowned and no one doesn't know us, they call us the "Industry Crusher"!

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