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Today MacDanny reviews the X5 Gel Blaster which you can buy here: 10% OFF Code: YOUTUBE
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M4 Gel Blaster unboxing and review! 12% Discount Code: BIUBLASTER Visit: Subscribe and you could win a nerf blaster :) ---------------------------------------------------------------- follow all of these or i will take your donuts • Instagram: • TikTok: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Features: [Cool Unique Design] The BIU BLASTER gel ball blaster is colored in combined with bright blue and wihte,and equipped with an adjustable hand rest and rear rest, which can be adjusted according to different people and give you a more realistic experience. The gel bead blaster has fully automatic and semi-automatic modes, and you can switch between them freely to experience different fun. [High Capacity Ammo Drum] The gel ball blaster equiped with a gel ball drum with capacity of over 1000 rounds. Electric under feed ammunition, no jam problem, pull the handle to preload the ammunition. The large-capacity drum will save you from having to always load water balls, allowing you to have unlimited fun. Just uncover the drum to load the water balls, which is faster and more convenient. [Long Battery Life & Long Range] The gel ball blaster is newly upgraded with a more powerful drive motor and electric water beads supply method. Powered by 7.4V 1400mAh rechargeable battery, you can continuously play this toy blasterfor half day. The powerful motor can make the water balls fire in rapid succession, automatically firing up to 12 water beads per second, with a range of more than 60 feet. [Great Choics for Outdoor Game] This electric toy blaster will be the first choice for outdoor games. The electric blaster has exquisite workmanship and design unique, bring you an excellent gaming experience.This exciting outdoor activity can let your kids put down their smartphone, with you to enjoy the parent-child time together. A
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10% off discount code YOUTUBE
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In this video I review two products from Zhenduo Toys. Based in China, these guys reached out to me and asked whether there's anything they sell that I'd like to review. I chose the gel ball sorting sieves and an ARP9 battery compartment extension. Let's see how these work. Zhenduo Toys: ARP9 Battery Extension: Gel Ball Size Sievs: 0:00 Intro 0:38 ARP9 Battery Extension 2:05 Gel Ball Size Sorter Sievs 5:07 Ending
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HEY GUYS CHECK OUT MY NEW CYBERPUNK 2077 #gelblaster MY FRIENDS OVER AT BIU BLASTER SENT THIS TO ME IF YOU LIKE THIS BLASTER FOLLOW THE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS TO WIN ARE YOU CAN PURCHASE IT BELOW CYBERPUNK 2077 BLASTER Hey guys thanks for tuning in to this new Banger Video. #gelsquad on top!!! Check out my top Gel blaster picks USE my discount code if you purchase to support the channel My UNLOCX Link BarryDaCEO1 10% offSpyra 2 water gun 10% code BarryDaCEO Gel TACTILE M4A1 Barry10 10% off any purchase Follow me on iG 50k is my goal Follow my #Tiktok 500k is my goal
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In this video I take a look at the new QWK Edge, a semi-auto Nerf AEG pistol. Made by the same people as the Challenger Mk3. Video includes overview, chrono test, accuracy test and gameplay footage! Zhenduo Toys product listing:
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I recently received the new S200s Viper Nerf Pistol made by Zhen Wei Qi (ZWQ) sent from the retailer Zhenduo Toys. Out of the box it shot a mere 100fps over the chronograph. So I upgraded it! In this video I show the upgrade I made, discuss the blaster and how it works, and then put it through a chrono test and accuracy test. S200s Viper: Holster:
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THIS SCAR SUBMACHINE GUN IS MY NEW FAVORITE #gelblaster 10%Discount BIUBLASTER GET YOU A SCAR Follow me on iG 50k is my goal Follow my #Tiktok 500k is my goal Subscribe to Braycie’s Channel Sub to Our Second channel The Bennett’s of LA: My UNLOCX Link BarryDaCEO1 10% OFF
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Gel Blaster Blogs

  • Dec 30, 2022 7 Tips Every Beginner Should Know About Gel Blasters

    If you’re just getting into the world of Gel Blasters, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. There’s a lot to learn! Thankfully, we’re here to help. In this blog post, we’ll share with you seven tips that every beginner should know. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Gel Blaster pro in no time! So without further ado, let’s get started.

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  • Dec 29, 2022 7 Must-have Gel Blaster Accessories

    Are you a fan of Gel Blasters? If so, you know that the fun doesn’t stop when the gun is empty. You need to have the right accessories to keep the fun going! In this blog post, we will discuss 7 must-have accessories for any Gel Blaster fan. Keep reading to learn more about each one!

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  • Dec 27, 2022 How to Make My Gel Blaster Long Lasting?

    Gel blasters, also known as gel guns, are toys that use water-based gels as projectiles. They are often used in recreational games or as props in live action role-playing games. Here are a few tips to help make your gel blaster last longer

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  • Nov 1, 2022 How to Increase the Velocity and Range Of Gel Blasters?

    If you wanna know How to Increase the Velocity and Range Of your Gel Blasters, then this article will surely help you.the principle and structure of the launch mechanism first determine the upper limit.There are mainly several interference terms that affect the range.The thrust of the gel balls and The influence of the gel balls itself.

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  • Oct 31, 2022 Gel Blaster Troubleshooting Guide for Common Issues and Problems

    this is a full Gel Blaster Troubleshooting Guide for Common Issues and Problems if you Having issues with your gel ball blaster toy gun.Like all toys, gel blasters can sometimes experience issues – and fortunately for users, most are preventable. Here’s a trouble-shooting guide with some of the most common issues found in gel blaster toys and ways to potentially resolve (or avoid) them!

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  • Oct 22, 2022 Review of All Jinming JM Series Gel blasters

    Jinming toys has been a major brand in the Gel Ball Blaster Gun industry. Since their first m4 gel blaster published, it has received a great reputation in the industry. The notorious models like JM M4A1 Gen 8 and M4A1 Gen 9 are very popular options for gel gun players around the world.

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  • Oct 1, 2022 Differences between JM M4a1 Gen8 and Gen9 Gel Blaster

    JM M4a1 Gen8 and Gen9 Gel Blaster has a big difference.The M4A1 GEN8 has been a very popular pick in the past few years, as there are a lot of compatible parts available for upgrades, which can push it to 260-280FPS. However, the internal and even the gearbox itself will wore faster.

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Introduce ZhenDuo Gel Blaster Orbeez Toy Gun store!

ZhenDuo is one the best gel blaster toys gun traders in the world. Since 2016 when our first JM Gen1 M4 gel blaster sold , gel blaster shop has been offering its expertise in the gel blaster gun industry to ensure a unique experience for each of our customers so you can fully enjoy skirmishing up the bush or plinking cans at home with mates in the ever growing community of gelsoft enthusiasts!  

The gel ball blaster can only shoot gel balls water beads ammo, it's similar to nerf guns and it's much safer than airsoft. We can sell both manual action and electric automatic gel blaster. We can also supply kids gel blasters for children to have fun. Our mission is to bring the cheap and the best Gel blaster toys guns to all of the world.

We opened our gel blaster USA and UK local warehouse on 2022 as the gel ball gun hobby in the United States and UK is getting popular day by day. You can directly order these local stock gel guns and parts, then they will be express shipped from local warehouse.

Is this Gel Blaster Shop Legit?

Yes, zhenduo blaster is a legit and safe business, And you can find positive reviews about us in facebook or trustpilot. 

As of 2022, we have expand our gel ball blaster gun business from gel blaster Australia into  USA, UK and European countries. Especially the USA gel ball blaster market is our main focus.

Where can I buy the Gel Blasters near me?

I am sure this gel blaster shop is the place for purchasing the cheapest gel blaster near me and get the gel blasters in cheap price. You're luck to find this gel ball blaster online store. We are constantly striving to improve your gellyball gun experience so your able to fully enjoy the outdoors and nature the last freedom that we have left. Just feel free to contact this toy gun website what gelblaster is for kickstarter, which one is for sale and the price for wholesale.

For UK, Australia and some Europe countries, we are sorry we couldn't ship large oversized gel blasters to you, but you can still buy pistol gel blasters, pistol foam blasters, parts and gears and other toy guns below 2kg. The shipping is still all free.

Where can I buy the Best Gel Blaster?

ZHENDUO has been focusing on gel ball blaster toy gun since 2016, and is committed to providing gel blaster gun enthusiasts with the highest quality and most convenient services. The gel blaster communities have granted us the title of "the industry crusher" as we offer the cheapest gel blasters with a decent variety and good customer service.

As of 2022, the gel blaster market has changing and evolving, more and more gas-powered blasters (gbb) have occupied the AU market, but sorry we couldn't ship the gbb as it's too risky!

To expand our gel blaster serivces into Europe, US and UK, we are struggling to build up local warehouse for a faster logistic capability. Our gel blaster products cover various types, including pistol gel blasters, rifle, shotgun , sniper . SMG & LMG gel blasters, serving more than 50,000 gel blaster enthusiasts and more than 100 gel ball blaster wholesaler.

For the USA customer, zhenduo can ship all gel blasters, foam dart blasters and other accessories to the US from China without customs issue. The carrier would be the UPS or USPS. As for the types, you can check the gel blaster USA in our top menu. This gel blaster online shop can provide you with the cheapest price, the fastest logistics and the most complete after-sales service. We promise you can enjoy the most professional gel ball gun and parts sales service, and make your gel blaster journey carry on! Get the best gel blaster near me now and make the gel ball blaster popular in the United States!

Where can I found Gel Blaster Upgraded Guide and News? You can search related gel blaster forum on google or reddit. The zhenduo can be easily found in any gel blaster forum, we are renowned and no one doesn't know us, they call us the "Industry Crusher"!

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