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Home>US Stock>RS99-13 Gel Ball Blaster Electric Automatic Burst Toy Gun (US Stock)
RS99-13 Gel Ball Blaster Electric Automatic Burst Toy Gun (US Stock)

RS99-13 Gel Ball Blaster Electric Automatic Burst Toy Gun (US Stock)

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AUD$ 75.47

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  • FULLY AUTOMATIC GEL BULLET BLASTER】Using 7-8mm water ball beads as bullets,pull the trigger,this gel toy blaster will automatically fast shoot gel balls;the gel balls will burst on impact and evaporate competely without stain or residue,it is eco-friendly and safe.
  • EASY to USE】The gel gun is highly assembled,you only need to install the battery and the hopper filled with soaked gel balls befor you can enjoy playing it.Best gifts for your kids.
  • LONG RANGE SHOOTING】The electric gel gun has an effective range of about 50 feet,which is highly playable; Put some targets in the back yard and let the kids run!
  • SOAK the GEL BALLS BEFORE USE】The original beads come in the pack can't be used for bullets,they must be soaked in water for more than 4 hours before use,the gel beads will grow to stable 7-8mm in diameter after soaking,which is suitable size for the gel ball blaster.
  • WHAT YOU GET】1*Blaster;1*Protective Glasses;1 pack*5000 gel balls;3 pack*10,000 gel balls;1*rechargeable battery;1*charging cable.

What is this gel ball blaster?

The BIU BLASTER gel guns are revolutionary outdoor toys,both for kids age 12+ and adults;the blasters are made of bpa free plastic material,safe and durable;with 7-8mm gel ball bullets,the toy gun has an effective range of about 50 feet,it involves fun of physical exercise,goal skills,observation,endurance and team work;It's an ideal gift for kids.

Package include:

1*electric blaster;

3*10,000 gel balls;

1*5000 blue gel balls;

1*protective glasses;


1*rechargeable battery;

1*charg cable;


1.Remember wearing the safe glass when playing;

2.Do not shoot at eyes or face,do not shoot animals;

3.Children please play under the supervision of adults.

Customer Reviews



the color is appealing, gonna buy some of them for backyard fun!