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RQ Runqi P90 Gel Blaster (US Stock)

RQ Runqi P90 Gel Blaster (US Stock)

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  • 🔫Safety Blaster: the runqi P90 Submachine Water Gel Gun is a safe toy launches gel balls which does not hurt people. The gel balls are eco-friendly and biodegradable will burst into a pile of small fragments after impact, and will disappear completely after drying.

  • 🔵Gel Ball Instructions: Gel balls are made of biodegradable materials and need to be soaked in water for 3-4 hours to achieve the best effect (7-8mm). The gel guns filled with water ball and fired out,burst on impact, and will disappear completely after drying. No need to clean.

  • 📏 Fast and Long Range: The P90 gel blasters equipped with nylon gearbox and gears. The blaster is powered by a rechargeable 7.4V lithium battery. The fully automatic toy gun filled with water balls can shoot 8+ gel balls per second. water guns for adults super soaker long range of up to 15-30 m.Give you a very real and fun experience.

  • 💒Fun for Family: Electric water gel ball toy guns can be physical exercise & targeting skills & observation & endurance.Family can play outdoor activity and have fun together. Shooting games involve a lot of limb movements, which are beneficial for kids health and endurance.gel gun blaster is suitable for backyards & jungles & hills & flat ground.

Gel Blaster P90 Features:

Light weight and portable

new gearbox rq p90 gel blaster use 7-8mm gels

Brand: run qi

gel ball size: 7-8mm

material: abs

color: black; multicolor; white

Size: 77cm x 32cm


Firing Range: 15 - 25 Meters

Fire rate: 8rps

fire power: 150-180fps

package included:

1x runqi p90 gel blaster

1x mag

1x safety glasses

7x pack gel balls

1x manual

1x 7.4v rechargeable lipo battery

1x usb charger

1x gel ball bottle

1x sight

1x firecap

Here is the p90 gel blaster review

Customer Reviews



This is my first gel blaster gun, and I could not have made a better choice on a gun! It is very durable, super easy to use. and is very accurate. What surprised me the most was that it came with many gel balls! The battery charges very fast and is very easy to put in the gun. Overall, this gun is great to use, and is very easy for everyone! Thank you!


Recently, I purchased this gel blaster for my kids. It came with the blaster, gel ball packs, and the charger/battery for the blaster. We immediately submerged the gel balls in water. After about 2 hours the gel balls filled and were ready to be shot. Loading of the balls in the small ammo holder was difficult at first. I decided to use a funnel to help loading the balls. Once we loaded the gel balls / battery pack we were ready to go. The gun shoots extremely well. We did not have any jams or issues. It is pretty accurate to about 15-20ft.


The media could not be loaded.

 I love everything about this gun other then the mag


Hardly works


The media could not be loaded.

 Fun auto function


The gun when working is AWESOME! However we had issues with the battery and pickup tube breaking. Both of these things were quickly replaced by customer support. Glad to do business with a company that stands behind its product!


Aesthetically it’s very nice and pleasing to look at, but it’s not that accurate, and the bullets are very inconsistent coming out. Also it’s not durable i loved how it looked so I kept it but for long term reasons I wish I returned it because it breaks apart easily it’s a little overpriced for its production.


Very disappointed, my son asked for this for his birthday & it doesn't even work


My son loves this p90 toy gun and so do I .. totally safer than a BB gun and more fun:)) love how the splashball disintegrated upon impact:))
Came fast everything is great Ordered for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it


So much fun. The kids loved p90s. I had to get one myself, and I love it too. Now all the neighborhood is getting them too. Amazingly it pulled my kids away from Fortnite and video games and got them outside.


Better than Fortnite.
So much fun. The kids loved them. I had to get one myself, and I love the p90 gel ball blastertoo. Now all the neighborhood is getting them too. Amazingly it pulled my kids away from Fortnite and video games and got them outside


completely cheap price p90 gelsoft you can find on the internet. runs well and rate of fire is high


As soon as this came in the mail EVERYONE wanted to try it. Easy set up but it does take a little while to soak the orbeez or whatever they are. Great way to teach our kids about gun safety too.


I have tons of fun with this p90 gel blaster gun. It shoots orbeez gellets, so it doesn’t hurt as bad as an airsoft gun, but definitely more then a nerf gun. Would recommend!


This toy stopped working after 3 uses only. What a shame.After the seller resent a new one, it's working again! This is an awesome deal!


This is by far the best toy gun I have ever gotten my hands on. The gel bb's offer a new and improved source of ammo in comparison to the standard cheap dart. It is honestly fun to grow them in water and fill the drum mag up to the brim! The gun is extremely accurate one you get the laser sight calibrated. It doesn't hurt when you get but would definitely keep the eye protection on. My roommate and I both have one and love to have battles.


When I was younger I used to play a lot with BB guns with my friends, we always had a blast, however now that I have dogs I have realized how dangerous this can be, I wouldn't want to lose an eye! This p90 gel ball blaster has definitely changed the game, it does not hurt but is not as soft as a nerf, plus it shoots super fast! This has taken back to my childhood days, 10/10 would recommend.


I like how lightweight this is. Bought this as a Christmas present and kdis loves it.


Excellent value for the price.


It looks great, and worked for one month! Just Buy it, it's a worth of your money.