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Gel Blaster Surge (STD-X2) Review - The Ultimate Water Blaster!

Gel Blaster Surge Review - The Ultimate Water Orbeez Blaster!

Hello! Welcome to visit zhenduo blaster to read this article, if you are searching for info on the gel blaster surge toy gun or have plans on purchasing one. Then this is the place!

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gel blaster surge toy gun

What is Surge Gel Blaster or std-x2?

The surge gel ball blaster was designed by the GelBlaster SURGE and as far as zhenduo knows, the manufacturer is a Chinese company called STD. Simply to say, the Surge do the deisgn, and the STD do the manufacturing. Later on, with the popularity of the gel blaster surge in the gelsoft industry, the STD wanna slice a cake on the market and started selling this orbeez gun on their own, then branded it as STD-X2. So the surge gel blaster and std x2 are the same toy guns except for the logo.🤔

The Gel Blaster SURGE is a toy gun that shoots super water-absorbent polymer, which called gel balls or gellets, they are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-irratatin and water-based. The gel balls explodes on contact and immediately begin to disintegrate, leaving no mess and no cleanup. The gearbox push the ammo out by gears movement. The electric type gel ball blasters are powered by batteries. 

Obviously our kids LOVE getting outside and playing with Gel Blasters; but we were surprised to find its as much fun playing with our own friends! This experience is truly unique, and unlocks a level of fun not usually available in your own backyard.

Some details image:

gel blaster surge detailsgel blaster surge safety switchgel blaster surge fins

How was the Gel Blaster Surge Designed?

The surge is a teenager oriented toy gun and of course adults can play it too. It really suits the need of family party or for pleasure, which means something needs to be easy to clean up, fun for both adults and kids, reliable and simple to use.  All we need is a toy, just a toy.

The toy gun is the one of the best options that can let the boys plays wargame on the beach, in the barckyard or in the living room.  Airsoft and paintball are fun, but the airsoft is too realistic and highly similar to the firearm, whilst the paintball are not only expensive but also messy and requires dedicated block of time for planning and preparation.

The nerf blasters also were taken into consideration. The Nerf Gun Blasters require proprietary darts ammo, we need to spend money on buying them, and also will spend efforts on organizing clean up and storage. Furthermore, we found out that the dog sometimes tries to eat all the nerf darts!

So finally the gel blaster wins out, it's less expensive and no harm to human body. The gellets burst on impact and easy to clean. Then it's a design thing, , so here comes the gel blaster surge.👏

surge gel blasters for family

What inside the GelBlaster Surge?

The surge uses std/skd m1911 gearbox, it's a pistol gearbox for the skd 1911 gel blaster,  inside the gearbox there is plastic gears, pistons, tappet and nozzle. It uses 280 motor and plastic barrel. Yeah all cheap plastic things, no metals.

That's why it can be not expensive, afforable, but also remains a decent shooing power and rate of fire as the skd 1911 blaster is proven to has good performance on the field. It's not over powerful, otherwise it would hurt the kids. The cons of this of kind of gearbox is that it's relatively not durable, it's tend to be broken after a long time shoot. So we recommend do not shoot it for too long, but you can just buy a new blaster to replace, not a big deal.

gel blaster surge gearbox

How does it perform?

What's the Gel Blaster Surge FPS?

The gel blaster surge FPS is around 150 feet per second, yeah upgrading its internals will increase the fire power.

The RPS is 12, which is pretty good. With such high rate of fire and large ammo room, you can have a great fun at spraying.

How Far will they Shoot?

The shooting range is around 100 feet, enough for most indoor or outdoor scenarios, although it is way more fun at close range.

Does it Hurt?😟

A little bit stingy when hit on body, but you hardly notice because you are too engaged and laughing so hard. According to my experience, it feels like getting shot with a rubber band, a quick, minor sting.

Sure if you are afraid of the pain, you could wear protective gears like vest, combat suits, helmets, face masks etc,. Just keep in mind that the safety glasses is a necessary thing to wear no matter what.

Other Specifications:

Brand: std
With safety/on Switch, then it won't fire accidently, it can be only turned on when playing it, it's really a safe deisgn.

The lithium battery is rechargeable via an equipped USB charger, the battery is safe and has a long life span.

It uses the small sized version 7.4v battery:

Gravity Fed Hopper gellets bottle can hold 500pcs gel balls, which is enough for one single battle, if you want more bottles for a quick exchange, you can buy the bottles here:

The box has interchangeable orange & blue Fins for decoration and enhanced gameplay

surge interchangeable fins

Standard package including:

1x surge gel blaster

1x Pack Gel balls

1x Safety glasses

1x 7.4v Lipo Battery

1x USB Charging Line

2x interchageable fins (blue and orange color)

1x hopper bottle

What Kind of Ammo does the Surge Gel Ball Blaster use?

It uses 7-8mm gel balls (gellets) as most gel blasters use. You can use varisous kinds of colors.

How much do Gellets cost? 

The cheapest pack of 10000pcs only costs 4USD and bulk buy can get $1.2 each in possible.  One pack gel balls is enough to reload your SURGE blaster about 20 times.

How do I Grow the Gel balls? 

You can pour the water beads into a container with purified water, aorund 180ml water for 200pcs gellets. Then wait around 3-4 hours to let them to be fully hydrated.

How long do Gelballs last?

The fully grown gels can last up to 2 weeks in an airtight container. When stored submerged in water, the gel balls can last up to three months without issue.

gel blaster surge gellets

7mm gel balls

Surge Installation Steps

Step 1:

Fully hydrate the gel balls around 500pcs.

Step 2:

Load the gellets into the hopper bottle, and then installed it onto the feed funnel

Step 3:

Open the battery room cover

Step 4:

Connect the battery wire to the gearbox wire

Step 5:

Put the battery inside and close the cover

Step 6:

Turn on the safety switch and you can start shooting👍

gel blaster surge installation

In Conclusion

The gel blaster surge is definitely the kind of gelsoft that you must have if you are a toy gun blaster enthusiast. It's fun and interesting for kids and family to play, it can be a good toy gun gift idea for holidays too. 


Aesthetic design, very cool.

Compact size and lightweight, can be easily hold by one hand for kids.

Affordable cheap price

Decent shooting power and good fire rate.

Shooting distance is fair.

Stable ammo feeding and hopper-fed makes less jamming issue.

Pretty accurate even at a distance.


Need spend time growing the gellets before use

Limited internal parts upgrade option

Limited modification options

No other color variations

Not recommend using 11.1v battery

The gearbox has a chance to be broken after long time use

Here are the introduction video for a deeper undertstanding and a better know of how to use it:

Here is how the std-x2 lookings like when it's shooting!

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