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3DG HK G36k Gel Blaster Review and Disassembly

This year, the 3DG Industry launched a new long version of the all-nylon gel blaster –  HK-G36K.  A big advantage of 3DG G36K
Is the sturdiness brought by the material and the split structure. The 3DG G36K blaster has excellent overall rigidity
There is no thin shell at all.

1. Unbox the G36k

There is no text logo on the box we received, only the red sealing glue with the 3DG LOGO.

ldt g36k package

Open the corrugated board and will see that the nylon G36K body wrapped in a transparent plastic bag is firmly fixed in the box by a corrugated board.

This is the body of this product. There are other accessory parts in the corrugated board grid.

unbox the ldt g36k gel blaster

Take out all the parts, as follows (actually, I missed to shoot the additional nylon gear set gift)

ldt g36k gel blaster

Accessories include:
1. Three detachable guide rails;

2. Replaceable black nylon flash hider;

3. Replaceable black gas block set;

4. The black butt stock release button;

5. Safety Glasses (the workmanship is quite good);

6. Gearbox spring (1.3mm);

7. Charging handle linkage kit;

8. 3d printed hop up;

9. Gearbox nylon gear set.

ldt g36 gears

Left view
After Installed the rail

warinterest g36k gel blaster

right view
The total length is about 870mm

ldt g36k size

2. Appearance details

Players can install all three guide rails according to their needs

Among them, the bottom guide rail is optional in two positions, and three brass screw hole are embedded.

The text "HK G36K Kal.5.56mmx45 G1 010310 01/20" is laser engraved on the upper receiver on the left side

ldt g36k letter print

In fact, each G36K laser engraving number is different.

The processing of the metal sheet is a bit rough, and even seems to have a yellow rust color.
The surface of nylon material is prone to scratches.

The upper handle is a split design and fixed, and we will remove it in a while.

ldt g36k upper handle

The support pad of the nylon folding stock is made of rubber.

The butt stock lock is very tight, and you need to lift the stock with a little force to release the folded butt stock.

ldt g36 folding butt stock

The charging handle need to be pulled back manually. (It cannot be auto return before the linkage kit is installed.)

The effect of pulling the handle left and right.

ldt g36k charging handlepull the ldt g36k charging handle

3. Hop Up and Flash Hider

Flash cap is still a common 14 reverse thread interface.

ldt g36k outer barrel 14ccw

The outer barrel is made of metal, the inner diameter of the barrel is about 10.5mm

It can be seen that the inner tube is much shorter than the outer barrel.

The inner barrel is 21mm shorter than the outer barrel

The original non-adjustable 3d printing hopup can be installed directly

g36k adjustable hop up

The effect of installing the hop up and the flash hider is as follows

4. the mag well and the magazine

The chamfer in the magazine well is not obvious and relatively shallow.

ldt g36k mag well

The magazine is an all-in-one type, made of dark green transparent PC material.

ldt g36 gel blaster magazine

The ammunition capacity is about 250 rounds of 7-8mm gel balls.

The bottom of the magazine has a bottom cover made of a different material from the magazine.

Unscrew the inner hexagonal screws of the bottom cover and remove the bottom cover.

ldt g36k mag

You can pull out the magazine gear and motor

5. G36k Handguard

The handguard adopts a quick detach form, and the battery compartment is also inside the handguard.
Just pull out dowel at the red circle.

ldt g36k dowel

You can pull out the handguard.

It can be seen that the original wire is a silver-plated type and SM interface.

It is no problem to put in a tactical version or a competitive version of Bos-lipo 11.1V lithium battery.

6. Remove the upper handle

First remove the three screw on the left and right sides of the handle.

unscrew the ldt g36k blaster

Slide the handle back to the position shown in the figure below, and then lift it up.

remove the g36k handle

The handle is disassembled.

7. Remove the barrel

Unscrew the two screws first as shown below.

take out the ldt g36k barrel

The gas tube assembly can be drawn out.

This is the entire barrel and gas block

ldt g36k barrel, gas block set

Disassemble and take out the metal barrel

The total length of the original metal outer barrel is approximately 245mm.

8. Remove the receiver

The magazine well can be quickly removed, but pay attention to the method
1. Pull out the quick release pin first;
2. Push the magazine release plate forward by hand and take out the magazine well.

At this time, you can take out the t-piece and  inner tube

ldt g36k inner barrel

Inner barrel

The silver aluminum tube provided by the original factory has an ordinary texture, and the bullet outlet has an inner chamfer.

The total length of the inner tube is about 335mm

g36k inner barrel length

The outer diameter of the inner tube is about 9.5mm

inner barrel od9.5mm

The inner diameter is about 7.4mm

id 7.5mm inner barrel

9. take out the 3dg g36k gearbox

At this time, the upper and lower receivers can be disassembled.

take out the ldt g36k gearbox

Upper receiver blowback internal structure

ldt g36k internal structure

Before taking the gearbox, remove the three screws at the bottom of the handle.

You can pull out the gearbox. It takes a little bit of skill to extract the gearbox. Need to push forward a bit and then pull up.

Lower receiver

After the gearbox and the lower receiver are separated, you can see the structure of the left and right fire selector of the lower receiver.

Gearbox left view

This is GelBlaster V3 gearbox

ldt g36k v3 gearbox

Gearbox right view

v3 gearbox for g36k

Top view of gearbox

You can see the unique top metal clip of the No. 3 gearbox, as well as the fixed hole position on the cylinder reserved for the blowback part.

10. Disassemble the gearbox

First take out the QD spring retainer.

The total length of the spring is about 150mm

ldt g36k spring

The diameter of the spring is approximately 15 mm.

The wire diameter of the spring is about 1.2mm.

ldt g36k 1.2mm spring

Then remove the motor base

The motor is a short shaft 480 with formaldehyde motor gears.

ldt g36k 480 motor

Pull out the metal plate

Remove all screw fixings.

Open the gearbox as follows

The original gearbox is equipped with formaldehyde gears, pay attention to the number of shims on both sides of each gear.

It is strange that there is no lubricating oil, maybe the sample has forgotten to add the grease separately.

Taking into account the durability of formaldehyde gears, the manufacturer has added a set of nylon gear sets to each packaged version.

The following is the bearing data matched with the gear shaft.

ldt g36k bushing 9mm

Piston Set

Aluminum alloy electroplated cylinder, O-ring patter head, the piston is hollowed out and light-weighted , and a blowback base is reserved.

ldt g36k piston set

O-ring diameter is about 25mm

O-ring wire diameter is about 2.5mm

The cylinder diameter is approximately 72mm.

ldt g36k cylinder length

The outer diameter is about 25mm

11. 3DG G36k performance

Video: 3DG new product HK-G36K shooting quick review!

Take the 15-meter distance to the target position as a reference for the test, without installing the hop up and the blowback recoil kit, and use 11.1V lithium batteries.

warinterest ldt g36k gelsoft shooting test

The original ballistic distribution of the 15-meter is good without hop up, and the hit rate of the humanoid target is high.

shoot ldt g36k at a target

Feeling:  full nylon body, possibly due to nylon surface treatment characteristics, a bit astringent , the size long overall, more suitable for European figures

Range:  Use 7.4mm milky white water bomb, 15-16 meters for straight shoot, it will drop slightly after 15 meters

Rate of fire: 11.1V lithium battery rate of fire, see video;

Fire selector single shot and auto:  The sample single shoot stable after the selector is switched repeatedly, and the fire switches on the left and right sides are effective;

Ballistic dispersion: The hit rate is higher for humanoid targets at 15 meters distance, see the video.

12. Evaluation


1. All nylon fiberglass material, one upper and lower receiver;

2. With blowback recoil kit in the package, there is possibility for auto blowback build

3. Quickly release the handguard battery compartment, with large space;

4. Intaglio + laser engraving, each has a unique number;

5. Although there is no priming, but the ammunition comes out instantly when the trigger is pulled, which may be due to the faster speed of the magazine motor;

6. The original factory type presents a set of nylon gear set;

8. The non-adjustable hop up is presented by the original factory;

9. After folding the butt stock, the quick release of the spring can be realized, and the original factory send a 1.3mm spring as a gift;

10. The 11.1V power supply of the Version.3 gearbox is stable in single and bursts, and the left and right fire selectors are effective.


1. The surface texture of the shell is easy to leave traces;

2. The texture of the metal sheet is rough;

3. There are many screw specifications, and it is slightly troublesome to disassemble and assemble;

4. The inner tube is too short than the outer barrel, and the inner diameter of the fire cap is also small, which is not convenient to adapting to the third-party adjustable hop up on the market;

5. There is no installation instructions for the blowback kit in the box;

6. I hope that the original factory has the nylon gear set installed already instead of letting the players replace it by themself;

7. The original gearbox gear uses less grease, which may affect the durability of the formaldehyde gear.

In conclusion

This is the second G36-themed gel ball blaster toy product since Wells G36 three years ago. Of course, since the product is three years apart, it has been upgraded to a higher level in terms of material and mold opening technology. The blowback kit that come with the toy also increase the playability. Compared with the mechanical feeding method of Wells, the contact power supply method has a higher rate of fire potential.

As the first finished injection molding product of 3DG Gel Blaster (yes, it was developed earlier than 3DG G17), we have received three samples. Based on the experience of the previous modification, it is recommended to replace the gear first when installing the blowback kit (the original formaldehyde gear may not be able to bear it). As a favorite theme of German Gun players, I hope this next-generation G36K can withstand the test of the market.


If you are a wargame player, I suggest making the following modifications:
A. Give up the blowback, reduce the load and increase the rate of fire
B. Replace metal gear/ladder
B. Improve air-tightness and replace the nozzle and cylinder head

Regarding the specifications of the 3DG V3 Gearbox internal modification
General J8/J9 standards for cylinders, cylinder heads, and piston ladders
Nozzle is a Renxiang Standard

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