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Well 1911 Co2 GBB Gel Blaster Review

Thanks to Toy Gun Expo for providing sample support for this evaluation.

After a long year of waiting, we finally ushered in the third green gas blowback gel ball blaster M1-1911 officially sold by Well Tech manufacturer.

well 1911 package

The M1-1911 is made by Para-Ordnance P14-45, which is a series of double row M1911 semi-automatic pistols developed, produced and sold by Canadian gun manufacturer Para-Ordnance in the late 1980s. It's also the first M1911 derivative product ever to use a large-capacity double-row magazine, firing .45 ACP caliber pistol bullets.

The image below is the real p14-45 pistol:

1911 gun

After unboxing the package, a red slide M1 appeared in front of you. The manufacturer released a total of three colors: gray, blue, and red. Fortunately, we got the notorious red. The box contains a manual and a product inspection certificate. , A speed loader, a bottle of 134A refrigerant gas, and today’s protagonist: well 1911 gbb.

unbox the well 1911 gbb

The manual book:

well 1911 manual

well m1911 manual

well 1911 manual book

well 1911 co2 gbb manual

well 1911 gel blaster manual

The well colt 1911 Appearance VS kublai P1:

well 1911 gel blaster size

well 1911 height: 145mm

From the picture, it is not difficult to notice that the well 1911 is slightly larger than Kublai P1. During the test, I felt that this blaster is suitable for people with larger hands, because I played a lot of Kublai gel blaster. After P1, I will find that the hold open release button of this blaster is slightly forward, which makes me mistakenly think that the insurance is the hold open release button (in this case, it is operated by one hand)

Kublai P1's grip width: 31mm

well 1911 co2 grip width: 33.5mm

well 1911 gel blaster weight

Kublai p1 weight 651g, while the well 1911 is heavier, which is 736g

well 1911 gbb gel blaster magazine

Kublai p1 ammunition capacity; about 12 gel balls.

Gas canister capacity: about 35 rounds can be fired under normal circumstances, the remaining gas can be completely depleted after another 12 rounds

Well tech 1911 mag capacity; about 16 gel balls.

Gas canister capacity: about 40 rounds can be fired under normal circumstances, the remaining gas can be completely depleted after another 12 rounds

kublai p1 magazine weight

Kublai p1 mag weight: 278g

well m1911 magazine weight

Well 1911 mag weight: 310g

On the well tech 1911  bottom, there is 21mm standard picatinny rail

Well M1911 Outlook details:

well tech 1911 co2 blaster

well 1911 gas blowback gel blaster

well 1911 detailswell 1911 gbb details

The well tech m1911 adopts double insurance structure. Only when the slide lock safety and the safety behind the grip are turned on at the same time can it be activated

Ps: The pony on the left of well 1911 grip is still very funyy. It is foolish to tell whether it is a pony or a unicorn.

Disassemble the Well 1911

The protrusion behind the hold-open button need to align with the vacant position of the slide, push out the hanging rod from the back

well 1911 spring retainer

Restore the spring retainer after taking it out

Push out the barrel of the return rod near the front slide

Rotate the small iron piece in front of the muzzle a bit to the right and take it out

well 1911 disassembly

Push the barrel forward and pull it out from the muzzle

Use the flat-blade screwdriver to disassemble the rear sight

After unscrewing the flat-blade screw and turning sight over, there is a Phillips screw inside for unscrewing

There is a hex screw on the bottom of the sliding sleeve

After all the screws are unscrewed, take out the nozzle head  (similar to P1)

well 1911 nozzle head

The nozzle head springs and the head cannot be used on P1

Well 1911 GBB muzzle velocity test using original refrigerant

You can see it has a very fast Fire rate, the slide pull back is smooth.

The performance can up to 200FPS!

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