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Feline Nerf Blaster - Injection Molding Lynx Review

Recently, an adult manual pump action foam dart launcher produced by Yinlun Toys has just been launched. The model is called Feline. Basically it's an injection molding verions of the Orion Lynx nerf blaster. It's a simple design, with accurate accuracy. The appearance is also cool, price is very nice. It has transparent, red, purple and black green color variations. You can check the details by clicking Injection Molding LYNX Blaster

injection molding lynx nerf blaster

The specific parameters and characteristics of the manufacturer for this product are as follows:

- The total length is 62cm, the cylinder is 20cm. The aluminum tube is 49cm long, competitive, the king of precision;

- Inverted cylinder, no butt stock structure, front and rear pins realize split qd release;

- Universal AEG grip, upper and lower standard guide rails;

- The special structure does not require the trigger to participate in the loading, and the trigger can be pressed during the reloading;

- The new 10-round short darts magazine is compatible with the worker stefan short darts magainze, which can be directly inserted without reloading.

This injection moulding lynx is available in a variety of colors. This sample  is a purple-green version.

lynx nerf gun package

feline logo

1. Open the box

The samples I received included not only the body, but also some supplements and modifications provided by the manufacturers. (Modifications include cylinders made of transparent PC material, springs with two wire diameters, I will talk about the springs later)

unbox the lynx blaster

Take out the main body and various parts as follows

lynx parts accessories

2. LYNX Assembly

Obviously, this structure is a universal AEG grip.

lynx blaster grip

Position the nut first,

Push the handle along the slot

Then install the screws from the inside of the grip to fix it.

Assemble the finished product
Left view

lynx nerf gun

right elevation

lynx foam dart blaster

It is a standard 21mm picatinny rail size. You can install the optical fiber sights you like to try the effect. It is very convenient to aim.

Inner barrel
The 16mm outer diameter aluminum tube has internal chamfering at the outlet. Larger sling loops are designed on the left and right sides of the front of the upper receiver, indicating that more types of slings can be used.

lynx barrel

If you want to add a flash hider or muzzle to it, please note that it can only be fitted with a decorative flash hider with a 16mm inner diameter.

It is said that it is a 10 rounds magazine, the actual maximum ammunition capacity is 12 rounds, but to avoid jamming, it is recommended to load only 10 rounds.

lynx nerf blaster magazine

3. Contruction

Strength combination

First of all, the main body is made of ABS, but as long as the parts that require high spring power are involved, they are all made of metal.

For example, the push-pull rod, which is most easily damaged, is replaced with steel. The fixed screws are reliable large hexagon socket screws.

Quick release dowel structure
The competitive trigger is fixed with a quick release dowel.

lynx blaster trigger

There are also thick flat quick release pins on the front of the upper receiver

There is also a flat quick release pin on the butt stock part, whose main function is to facilitate quick spring replacement.
Let's see how to quickly replace the spring.

After remove the stock pin, the buttstock is directly drawn out.

lynx butt stock

After quick release and replace the spring, and then pay attention to unscrewing the two fixing screws on the t-piece, so that the tee can be removed (because it is an inverted cylinder, there is an airtight O-ring at the t-piece connecting the cylinder)

The spring can be replaced after removing the cylinder.

upgrade the lynx blaster spring

It can be seen that the material and wire diameter of the upper and lower springs are obviously different.

4. The firing mechanism

Different from the traditional manual action nerf gun, let's look at the characteristics of the inverted cylinder.

1. The foregrip is pulled back and the spring is compressed.

2. When the foregrip returns, the patter head will move forward with the compressed spring.

3. Pull the trigger, the patter head instantly returns to the position, the compressed air is sent upward from the tee, and the short nerf dart is pushed out.

5. User experience

First I want to talk about this fore grip

Without the front grip, you can just pull the slider. The front grip provides a good feeling and makes it more convenient to apply force. However, this backward-inclined grip is not friendly to adult male hands when it is held and pulled in a standard posture. Looking at the picture below, my thumb will be pressed by the trigger guard, and I feel knocked at this time. .

charging the lynx nerf gun

It is recommended that adults change to the position shown in the figure below when holding, and then pull it hard.

manual pump action lynx nerf blaster

At the same time, it won't knock the palm of your hand.

However, for the old players, it is recommended to change to a vertical nylon foregrip for universal standard picatinny rail. After all, everyone can have it.

About the lynx spring

The manufacturer provides three springs.

The first is the original factory-configured spring with 1.5mm wire diameter.

The second and third are modified versions of springs that players can purchase separately. They are the precision version with 1.8mm and the power version with 2.0mm respectively.

Of course, the thicker the wire diameter, the greater the force required to pull the hand.

springs for the lynx

The original version of the 1.5mm spring is light and can be pulled back and forth quickly to shoot, but the ballistic trajectory is unstable, sometimes less than 10 meters range.

The 1.8mm precision spring needs more force. Adult pulling is also OK, and the range is also good. The accuracy of 15 meters and above is relatively satisfactory. It is recommended for adult players to use it in wargame match.

The 2.0mm power version spring requires a very large pulling force, and the effect is very "violent", it is not suitable for the match, only suitable for individual shooting, because when pulling it, most people can not  maintain a standard shooting posture which means that there is no rate of fire at all.

Buy spring here:

In conclusion

As a competitive manual foam blaster toy gun, the shape of this toy can be described as minimalist, and the parts that should increase strength are all made of metal parts, which has great potential for performance improvement.

At the same time, it uses standard 21 picatinny rails, general AEG grips, general worker short darts magazines, quick release springs and other structures, which enhance its playability.

The price of about $100-110 is also relatively acceptable to the people for the players who have just entered the pit of adult nerf guns.

Compared with the NERF blaster guns with more than $150, its potential and durability are higher by more than one level.

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