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JM Jinming Gen8 J8 M4A1 Gel Blaster

JM Jinming Gen8 J8 M4A1 Gel Blaster

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The Gen8 M4a1 gel blaster can only ship to USA, Russia, Europe, UK

THe jm gen8 gel ball blaster is the first gel blaster gun that steps closer into the entry level of the airosft AEG. It's fully automatic, built with the gen 8 gearbox whose power is close to the v2 gearbox. One of the most intriguing point about the jinming gen8 gelsoft is its wide upgrading options. As a fully customizable m4a1 gel blaster, the v8 has the potential to get crazy modification per your will.

The J8 m4a1 gel blaster features:

Select fire modes:

The jinming gel blaster has two fire modes, which is safe and full automatic shooting. The j8 m4a1 doesn't has semi firing mode as the priority of this gel blasters is to use rapid shooting to retaliate enemy attack.

Fully customization and upgradable:

It's lightweight and portable. With removable accessories, the upgrading process is easy!  It has a fishbone with 4 side rails for grips, sight, scope, laser, torch to be mounted. The handguard style, size can be changed too. The jm gen8 is known to be the easiest gel ball blaster to upgrade to how you like it.

Attention to details:

1:1 scale m4a1 gel blaster, designed by jinming toy gun specialist. The j8 brings realism and a great toy gun experience for at this affordable price.


Brand: jin ming

Model: 938-8
Material: nylon shell and nylon gearbox

Color: black
Gel ball size: 7-8mm gel balls

Mag capacity: around 200pcs gellets

M4a1 Gel Blaster Performance:

Fire power: 230-250FPS

Shooting range: 25 straight and 35M about curve shooting.

Rate of fire: 15 RPS (under 7.4v)

M4a1 Package Accessories:

1x Jinming Gen8 J8 M4A1 gel blaster
1x Holographic sight
1 x Gel Ball bottle
1 x Rechargeable 1200mAh 7.4v Lipo Battery. 
1 x USB Charger
1 x Safety Glasses
Packs of Gel Balls

How to use this gel blaster gun?

  1. Install the product according to the instructions.
  2. Soak the balls in as much water as possible for 4 to 6 hours.
  3. In same time, charge the battery.
  4. Place the battery.
  5. Fill the magazine with gel balls.
  6. Let’s go for the adventure.

Can you upgrade the M4A1 J8?

Yeah, you can modify this gel blaster for both performance and aesthetic parts.

All aesthetic parts, metal parts can be add to improve the look and solidity and durability off the products.

Zhenduo can sell both internal and external metal parts for this m4a1 gel blaster gun.

Gen8 m4a1 gel blaster upgrades & parts

metal handguard:

gearbox upgrade parts:

metal inner barrel with t-piece:

metal charging handle:

metal buffer tube:

drum magazine:

hop up:

metal upper rail:

handguard stabilizer:

mk8 mk16 mk18 handguard adapter:

metal butt stock:

The size of the m4a1 blaster and the package.

The jm gen 8 is 71cm in length and 30cm in height.

The package size is 65cm by 34cm by 7.5cm

Here are some m4a1 gel blasters videos by influencers:

Customer Reviews



How long would it take to ship to the UK
Service:around 3 weeks


Is it also possible to ship to the Netherlands?
Service:yes we can


What is the size of the barrel
Service:OD 16mm


What is the barrel size for mock suppressors


What size rails are on the gun so I know what size scope I need?
Service:20mm rail


how long will it take to ship to Hawaii?
Service:sorry we couldn't ship to Hawaii


This is a awesome m4 gel blaster with secure packing. It requires batteries to work. My kids like it. So far no complaints from them.


Really good m4a1 gel blaster from zhen. Great range and rate of fire.... fairly accurate. Only issue is that there is no semi automatic. I waited for the package for one month and finally arrived, the quality is excellent. The weapon itself is slightly smaller in scale than the combat model, but also good. I am very pleased with the purchase


Great quality gen 8 and tons of fun. Comes neatly packaged with easy to assemble english instructions.
Not only is this one of the best gel blasters that I have purchased but they also have excellent customer service. They are very pleasant and quick to respond.
Would highly recommend purchasing and getting some friends together for a great time!!


Es ist meiner Meinung nach die beste billige Spielzeugpistole, die per DHL versendet wird und in 2 Tagen wirklich schnell ankommt. Qualität ist super


The m4 Gel Gun it’s self feels right worth the 90usd if you shoot it at someone it will leave a red mark and maybe a welt.


Got the product. Unboxed. Immediately put battery on charger and put supplied balls in water. Waited 5 hours for the balls to be ready. Battery was green. Filled the mag up and went outside. Shot for 2 minutes and no issues.


gen8 has a versatile modding oppurtunity, zhenduo sells it at the lowest price! the industry crusher is worth its name!


Great product!!!….If anybody knows where to get another mag please let me know.


Good accuracy, easy to use and very fun to have some gun wars with


The quality is amazing and is worth every pennie