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Review of All Jinming JM Series Gel blasters

Jinming toys has been a major brand in the Gel Ball Blaster Gun industry. Since their first m4 gel blaster published, it has received a great reputation in the industry. The notorious models like JM M4A1 Gen 8 and M4A1 Gen 9 are very popular options for gel gun players around the world.

What is the first Jinming Gel Blaster?

From 2014 to 2015, gel blaster started to become popular in China as the manufacture of Airsoft was suppressed. The airsoft companies such as CYMA changed to manufacture gelsoft instead, and many water gun companies also tried tO manufacture gel gun.


Jinming was not the first player. Jinming manufactured the first gel gun M4A1 on around 2015. The scope at that time was not a real scope, it was used to hold the gel balls which used gravity to feed the water beads, it was nothing special in the appearance, however the quality of Jinming gel blaster was one of the best at that time.

On 2016, Jinming announced the first ever magazine-fed gel blaster, it was M4A1 Gen 1, which received huge response from the world and the brand continue to manufacture different models, which included M4A1 Gen 2, Gen 3, Gen 8, Gen 9. SCAR Gen 8, ACR Gen 10, AK47 Gen 11, AK74 Gen 12, HK416C Gen13, G36C Gen15, HK416D Gen16, ACE Gen17.

Below summarized different Jinming Gel Blaster Models :

M4A1 Gen 8

Gen 8 was running on a v2 gearbox with a short shaft motor 460, offering manual and automatic mode only.  

JM M4A1 Gen 8

Here is the gen 8 m4a1 gel blaster shooting demo:

M4A1 Gen 9 

Compared to Gen 8, Gen 9 has an improved gearbox, some fragile areas are reshaped to be more durable. Apart from manual mode and automatic mode, semi-manual mode was available.

Also, starting from Gen 9 onwards, the motor is long shafted one, be reminded that if you want a motor for upgrading the RPS.


Jinming SCAR Gen 8 was a popular model for starters. The price is friendly and the quality is promising. The shooting power is around 220 FPS out of the box.  Due to the relatively fragile nature of the ABS gearbox, the SCAR is advised to upgrade to 300FPS or less otherwise the internal of the gel blaster will be easy to break.


ACR Gen10

Jinming ACR Gen 10 has a very solid v2 gearbox made of nylon, as the internal is very similar to Gen 9, there are a lot of compatible parts and upgrade set available for improving the round per second and feet per second. 

AK47 Gen 11

Jinming has announced two versions of AK47, one is called the classical JM AK47 with wooden buttstock, one is called the tactical JM AK47 which is all black. Both are running with v3 gearbox. You can know the differences between v1 gearbox, v2 gearbox and v3 gearbox by clicking here.

Jinming AK47 Tactical

JM Gen12 AK74u

Jinming AK74U runs on v3 gearbox. It is relatively light in weight and has a shorter barrel compared to the previous 47 Gen11 version, excellent to use for Close-quarters battle (CQB). Without modification, it already shoots at 250-270 FPS. By changing to allow inner barrel and adding a hop-up, it already shoots at 280 FPS with a high accuracy.

HK416C Gen 13

Jinming HK416C Gen 13 was less popular than the other models. This model equipped with the same nylon Gen 8 gearbox as previous Jinming models, the gearbox can be opened by sliding out the upper part of the receiver like the M4A1 Gen 8. Similarly, the motor is also using short shaft 460, manual and automatic modes are available.

The HK416C has an initial FPS is around 240.

Jinming hk416c gen13

G36C Gen 15

Jinming G36C Gen 15  come with the v3 gearbox, the gel gun comes with an full aluminum inner barrel and a 480 short shaft motor. Without modification, it already shoots at 260 FPS.

 Jinming G36C Gen 15 Gel blaster USA Puerto Rico

HK416D Gen 16

Jinming HK416D, the popularity was not as much as other Jinming models. Perhaps Sijun and LDT has already released high quality HK416D models. This Jinming model was not well received. Similar to G36C model, the inner barrel would better be changed to a longer one, if you consider to add a hop-up.


Galil ACE Gen 17

 Jinming released the latest version Galil ACE Gen 17 in late 2021, which was the only ACE model in the market running on v3 gearbox, shooting up to  However, there are not much feedbacks on this model. 


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