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Free postage for over $15 AUD. Subscriber 12% off code: zd12, 18% off for 3 or more items coded: zd18

USB HEPA Filter Ultraviolet UV Air Purifier

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AU Stock USB Rechargeable HEPA Filter UV Air Purifier for home and vehicle

HEPA Filter and activated carbon structure. It produces a concentration of 5 million negative oxygen ions, removing 99.97% of PM2.5, Formaldehyde, bacteria, pollen, smoke, mold spores, dust, odors and pet dander. Purifies the air and improves your health. Cotton filter for essential oil diffuser use. 

Low noise, silent and powerful, make sure you enjoy a high-quality sleeping.

360°Purification makes the air circulates faster, enhancing the air clearing efficiency.

Cover an area of about 10㎡. Perfect for small areas and rooms such as studio, bedroom, office desktop, bedroom, kitchen, pet room. 

100% ozone free, does not emit UV or Ions which produce trace amounts of measurable ozone, no harmful air pollutants.

Ideal for people who suffer from allergies, nasal stuffiness, cough, sneezing, asthma, etc.



Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 5W

Rated frequency: 50HZ

Wave length: 265NM

PM CADR 60m³/h  PM CCM P4

Formaldehyde CADR 45m³/h  Formaldehyde CCM F4

TVOC 40m³/h  Methylbenzene 40m³/h

Noise: 35dB(A)

Cable length: 100±2cm

Item size: 18x11.5cm


Package Contents:

1x Air purifier

1x USB cable (1M)

1x User's Manual


Notice Before Use:

1. To prevent electric shocks, please remove the power plug before maintaining or moving the appliance.

2. It is strictly prohibited to rinse the appliance with water. Do not use the appliance near water sources or volatile flammable items to prevent electric shocks.

3. Do not place any object into the power input port, otherwise, the unit can't be operated.

4. Do not place any object into the air outlet area in order to prevent malfunction.

5. Suggested to please the unit in the area that children cannot be easily touched.

6. Do not use a wet hand to insert or remove the power plug to prevent electric shocks.

7. Do not cleanse the appliance with any type of acid-base solution to prevent damage and electric shocks.