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12% off subscribe coded: zd12, 3 or more items code: zd18.

JiaYi Magic War Multi-functional Soft Bullet Water Toy Gun 2 in 1

$31.99 AUD

2Pcs 2 in1 JiaYi Magic War Multi-functional EVA Soft Bullet Water Gun Toy

【Multifunction 2-in-1】: can be used as a water gun, or as an EVA ball gun, softball ejection, water gun shooting.
【Ability training】A great way to increase the child's interest in outdoor activities. Vision, grasping, interest training, intellectual development, senses, emotions, hand-eye coordination, parent-child communication, interactive toys.
【water guns for kids 】 High-quality toys for children and adults. Great for both to play with while outdoors. Helps to train children's hands and brain coordination!
【water guns for adults】: Water Guns will consider as the best solution for training dogs or cats' behavior without hurting them.

Brand: Jia Yi
Model: JY648-27
Material: abs plastic, pva
Weight: 260g
Size: 27.5cm*14.5cm
EVA Ammo size: 2.5cm
Pacakge: 2pcs toy gun with bullets

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