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12% off subscribe coded: zd12, 3 or more items code: zd18.

ZHENDUO Australia Warehouse Gel Blasters AU Stock List

The new stock has arrived. you could just contact zhenduo for more info, click on the product name to check the details

Product name


AKA M870 shotgun 4
BF MP7 v4 6
BF P90 V3 - pink 5
BLG M16 21
CYMA M4 cqb - black 199
CYMA M4 cqb - tan 113
Hanke Kar-98k 18
Hanke M97 shotgun 75
JM Gen10 ACR 12
JM Gen11 AK47 11
JM Gen12 AK74u 2
JM Gen13 HK416c 27
JM Gen8 M4 45
JM Gen9 M4 37
JM Glock X-1 22
JY AWM - black 7
JY AWM - green 31
Kaican P85 mk11 manual 34
Lehui Glock p18c manual 33
Luochen AR-15 46
QBU-88 47
RX AKS-47 12
RX g18 manual- black 38
RX g18 manual- silver 9
STD 5s 12
STD M1911 manual 70
UDL XM1014 shotgun 6
Wells M406 cqb 3
ZH M249 V4 24

Accessories & rc toys: 

AU plug adapter

FB 4.0 Gearbox 6
JM gen10 magazine 18
XYL ARP9 drum mag 6
JM gen9 gearbox 14
3563A shooting target 54
XM-6822L rc bulldozer 1:12 4
RC T90 Tank 39
MGRC crawler rc car 17
689 off road rc car 1:14 11
4WD Amphibious RC Stunt Car 1:18 15
amphibious rc car battery 6v 400mah 15
1:18 Green RC Amphibious Stunt Car  35

Also pls note that: 
  • You cannot use a Gel Blaster on a paint pellet shooting gallery when paint ball guns are in use.
  • Each state and territory possesses its own policies relevant to gel blasters.  For any questions in relation to another authority you will need to contact the relevant authority in that state or territory directly.

  • For more information please go to: