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Free postage for over $15 AUD. Subscriber 12% Off code: ZD12. and 18% OFF for 3 or more items: ZD18
Top 6 External Gel Blaster Upgrades-ZHENDUO

Top 6 External Gel Blaster Upgrades

Gel Blaster Upgrades that you must have!

Are you looking for the top satisfactory external improvements in your Gel Blaster? maybe you got your first gelsoft, you’ve skirmished with it some times, and discovered you like the interest sufficient to invest a few time and effort into upgrading it.

Anyway, you have a look at gel blaster upgrades external enhancements are an awesome manner to customize your Gel Blaster on your personal non-public liking.

On this publish, we're going to name the top 5 most popular and arguably the fine widespread outside upgrades you could make for your gel blaster to make it virtually your very own.

personalize your gel blaster and stand out from the group.


Coming in at primary had to be Scopes & sights. I mean what else makes that focus on acquisition even less complicated!

With literally heaps of selections on this department, it's crucial to keep in mind that something Sight you go with is appropriate to your playing style.

jump over to our Scopes and sights to discover your best suit.

2... Metallic elements

Now with regards to sturdiness, we can't pass beyond metal element improvements. regrettably, for the most part, Gel Blasters aren't built from the factory strong sufficient to even withstand a 1m fall on concrete. this is where metal parts come into play inclusive of our MK1 metal Receivers, Handguards, buffer tubes and more.

transferring to metallic components does not impact the manner that the toys fire, however, it will virtually enhance the lifespan of your blaster 100x what if could have been.

3... Stocks

Gel blaster upgrades are some of the easiest enhancements or mods to be had for Gel Blasters. this is in particular due to the big range of shares available from within the gel gun marketplace world huge. now not only will upgrading your inventory growth the horrific-ass meter of your blaster but upgrading to a metallic buffer tube and inventory will growth the sturdiness of your blaster 10 fold! it could also make sighting your goals substantially less difficult. Have a play and discover the fine buttstocks in your style


4... Grips

Trust it or now not a right grip and handles is not just a notable way to customize your Gel Blaster on your visual liking but also boosts ergonomics and efficiently improves manage!


5... Rail Attachments

This couldn’t be a Gel ball outside improve listing without bringing up the insanely large international of rail attachments. they arrive in an extremely wide range of alternatives, from established flashlights and lasers to foregrips, bi-pods and more! a whole lot of what you placed on the rail structures of your Gel Blaster will for the most element be beauty and ergonomic but the international without a doubt is your oyster with this one. we would endorse starting with a fore-grip to first-rate in shape your fashion of taking pictures.


6... Motors

Gel Blasters motors have a great impact on the firing rate of gel blasters, the higher the rpm, the higher the velocity, and stability of gel balls can have. You just need to unscrew the gearbox and replace the original motor with the upgrade motor. Keep in mind that choose the right motor type that suits your gel blaster model.

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had to order my gel blaster upgrade now from zhenduo

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