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Free postage for over $15 AUD. Chinese National Day Sale 21% code: ZD21
GJ M24 Bolt Action Sniper Gel Blaster Review-ZHENDUO

GJ M24 Bolt Action Sniper Gel Blaster Review

GJ M24 Gel Blaster Review

Introduction of M24 and GJ

M24, which also is called M24 SWS (Sniper Weapon System). It's a derivative from the notorious Remington 700 BDL Rifle. It has the advantages of reliable locking the same as the Remington 700 series rifle. M24 has a tight fit between buttstock and casing, smooth lines, and elegant appearance. The extended version of the long-pull rotary bolt action is adopted.

Gangjiang toy factory, also is abbreviated as GJ, which was founded in 2017, is a toy design and production enterprise locates in Shantow, Guangzhou, China. The famous products that gangjiang produce is sniper gel blasters, pistols toys and some tactical gears. The toys they fabricate are designed and featured in PUBG game style. M24 gel blaster is definitely one of the masterpieces from Gangjiang.


 gangjiang m24 with air supply


Features of GJ M24

This 220 FPS GJ m24 sniper gel blaster uses 7-8mm gel balls size and it can reload the gel ball smoothly. Recommend using fresh new gel balls that are just reached full size instead of stale gel balls. The stale gel balls have a higher frequency of fragmentation.

As other sniper gel ball blasters, the gj m24 gelsoft is a manual reloading toy, users can experience the awesome feeling of pulling the bolt. 

The material is plastic, according to many feedbacks, the material is pretty thin and easy to break. Especially if you pull the bolt with great strength, it may be snapped. So m24 metal gear upgrades are highly recommended by us if you want it to play with it longer.

It has an extendable buttstock, made for people with different body sizes so that they can adjust it to fit themselves better. However, there is not much room for extending.



The toy gun body tare weight is very light because there are no weights inside the buttstock.

The length is about 110 centimeters. The shooting range can reach up to 20 meters, which is a fair statistic, at least it's better than other snipers made by brand JF

The rail on top and bottom is 20mm wide, this is a decent width and many upgrades be attached without compatibility issues.

The package size is 89cm*29cm and it includes a sniper adjustable magnified scope, a bipod, and a muffler.

 gj m24 buttstock extension




Some Color variation

High Accuracy

Many customizations options

Cheap price

Accessories like bipod, scope, suppressor and an extra magazine are included in the package



The magazine is not concealed, need to buy a hidden mag if you want.

Only 70 gel balls stored in mag

Poor plastic material

Have to upgrade some gear parts to metal to make sure it won't be broken easily

Expensive upgrades

m24 manual reloading


Final Conclusion:

For anyone who is a lover of snipers, this is a must-have gel blaster. Although it's not perfect, it's still a decent and qualified sniper gel ball blaster that worth giving a try. It looks nothing like a high-end toy gun giving the price concerned. However, once it's fully upgraded, from zhenduo's point of view, you could certainly show off with it. With the improved quality, shooting with m24 sniper while hiding behind somewhere in the skirmish without getting noticed is totally a sniper dream.


Scores of the product:


Appearance score: ★★★★★★★★ (8)


Material score: ★★★★★ (5)


Rate of fire score: ★★★★★★★★ (8)


Range score: ★★★★★★ (8)


Accuracy score: ★★★★★★★★★ (9)


Bullet score: ★★★★★★ (6)


Customization score: ★★★★★★★★ (8)


Overall score: ★★★★★★★(7) (strong recommendation)

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Tim - November 14, 2019

decent review, i just bought 2 of them

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