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Are Gel Blasters Legal in Australia 2020?-ZHENDUO

Are Gel Blasters Legal in Australia 2021?

Are Gel Blasters Legal in Australia?

In Australia Airsoft is totally banned, this is a piece of bad news for Australians. Gel blasters are the only choice that Australians can have fun with. However, there was still a legal dispute over whether gel blasters are legal in Australia and in different regions of Australia. So you may have been searching for the answer for questions: are gel blasters legal in Australia? This article will help those who don't have much idea about gel blaster legality in Australia.

Misuse of gelsoft toy guns will cause legal issues and you would get arrested. IAN CAMPBELL published a piece of news on gel blaster arrest on Ulladulla.

According to the Department of Home Affairs Notice No. 2017/43, "A recent review of Regulation 4F means that devices that discharge soft and non-dangerous items such as soft darts and hydrolyzed super-absorbent polymers (gel balls) are no longer classified as firearms under the Regulations."

And the department also states "Where these devices resemble a real firearm, they will be classified as an imitation of a firearm under the Regulations."

The NSW Firearms Registry, Imitation Firearms Permit fact sheet states that "An imitation firearm does not include anything that is produced and identified as a children's toy."

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Are gel blasters legal in NSW?

Gel blasters are currently illegal in NSW, they are banned in New South Wales, you cannot own and buy it without firearm license. Had better buy from an online store and do not show them in public.

Are gel blaster legal in Victoria?

Gel ball blasters are not legal in VIC as imitation firearms are not legal in victoria. If you could make the gel ball blaster does not look like a firearm, then it could be okay. 

Had better to ask your neighbour for permisson before playing it in yard, because the noise would disturb them.

Are gel blasters legal in Tasmania?

Gel blasters are currently illegal in Tasmania, they are banned, you cannot own and buy it without a firearm license according to Tasmania police. Had better buy from an online store and use it secretly.

Are gel blasters legal in QLD?

Gel blasters are currently legal in Queensland, it is legal to possess it. Free to sell and buy it without a license. Fortunately, Hans Legal wrote a useful article on gel blaster laws in Queensland.

Are gel blaster legal in SA?

Gel ball blasters are currently illegal in South Australia, it's marked as firearm by the SA authorities, which means it is legal to possess it without a licence.

Are gel blaster legal in WA?

Currently, there are no specific laws in west Australia, no regulation on it. Had better use gelsoft guns carefully.



Are gel blasters are legal in Australia?

It depends on where you live. One thing is certain is that they are totally legal in QLD and SA, and you don't need to get a fireman license to sell and own it.

Gel blasters are illegal in NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania. No worries, we can ship gel blasters to these places, actually many people order from us in these places, just don't show them in public and all be fine.

A man was arrested this week in NSW for pointing gel blasters at a motorist, see this man pointing gel blaster at motorist. Permanent legal record is no joke and can affect you for the rest of your life, the bigger thing is, such behavior would call on tighter regulations on gel blasters. 

The remaining states or territories are in a grey area because the government doesn’t explicitly address it in their laws.

The safe and best way to get it is to buy it from an online store or local legalized store. And the best way to play it is to use it indoors or at skirmish or war game place. Do not take and use it in public blatantly!

are gel blasters legal in Australia?

Zhenduo Gel Blaster Online Store Shipping Policy:

Due to customs issues, zhenduo cannot ship gel blasters from China warehouse to Australia via airway couriers. So, we only ship gel blaster upgrades and tactical gears . The other gel blasters will be shipped from our Australia stock, and we can import gel blasters via sea containers to the AU warehouse.

We can deliver all products to Australia and UK warehouse to UK. For other countries, pls check our shipping policy.

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Zepawaida - December 22, 2020

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Fonz - November 25, 2020


Fonz - November 25, 2020

should you really be encouraging people to illegally buy these balsters if they live in Victoria or Tassie or NSW? And to hide them and use them secretly Do you realize that they will be charged if their neighbours or anyone esle sees and reports them?? Just a dash more commercial ethics please.

zhenduo - September 18, 2020

Hi ned groves ,
we can ship to victoria without issue, thx!

ned groves - August 7, 2020

i live in victoria will i be able to buy a gel blaster and get it shipped with no hassles

Yvette Martin - July 22, 2020

Are they Legal in Northern Territory?

Johnny - July 14, 2020

In Victoria and have a licence can I legally buy one and have it shipped with no problems

zug - July 1, 2020

So do you guys ship to WA in Australia, and if so, is there ever any problems??

zhenduo - June 26, 2020

hello Sam, we ship gel blasters from our au warehouse in Brisbane, and most parts will be shipped from China.

Hello will, just try not to get pinged and that would be all fine

will - April 28, 2020

No worries, we can ship gel blasters to these places, actually many people order from us in these places, just don’t show them in public and all be fine.

TLDR we will ship and claim not our problem when you pinged. luckily the police and ACCC don’t buy that excuse and squarely put blame on sellers so if you DO get pinged let them know so charges are placed on zhenduotoys not on you ;)

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