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Best 3 Gelsoft Blasters in UK

Best 3 Gelsoft Blasters in UK

This is zhen duo gelsoft gel blasters toy gun store, and we have many years experience on this field. Currently we are expanding our Europe and UK market, for such purpose, we have established a warehouse in Britain, west sussex.

To satisfy our customer needs and supply the best cheap blasters to the united kingdom people, our gel ball blasters' specilists have summerized 3 top best selling gelsoft blasters

No.1 Moyu Scar-L

this wells made m4 style gelsoft blaster is the best selling type in Australia and UK. Currently the factory has stopped producing it. Only the last limited stocks are available in zhenduo toys store!

It's Strong nylon made body with alloy barrel.Switch between Auto and Semi-Auto mode.
Spec: Size: 75x27x6.5cm
Rang: Up to 28 Meters
Weight: 1610g
250 FPS
10 Rounds Per Second (7.4v Battery)
16 Rounds per Second (11.1v Battery)

No.2 ZH SAW M249 V4

This is another top rated gelsoft blaster in our UK toy gun market. It featurs large magazine capacity and a gen8 high performance gearbox!

Spec: Material: Nylon + metal carry handle
Mag Capacity: 1000 gel balls
Size: 97.5*34cm
Weight: 2kg
Up to 260FPS
25m range
10-20 RPS depending on the 7.4v or 11.v battery

No.3 Handi H12A Manual Glock

Probably the cheapest gel ball blaster that we sell, this manual style toy gun can be good for children and kids to play as well.

Gel ball reloading from top, with the slide pull back feature you can kill so much time with it. Definitely a good pressure relief toys at home!

Material: plastic
Shooting range: 15 meters
Size: 19.5cm x 13.5cm x 3cm

Our shipping policy on gel blasters:

These gelsoft toy guns would be shipped from our UK warehouse to the UK and some European countries like Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania,Slovenia Luxembourg, Greece, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech, Romania, Denmark, Slovakia, Germany, Spain.

Other gelsoft upgrades, tactical gears, and gel balls will be shipped from our China warehouse in Guangzhou.

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