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X3300 E9800V Multifunctional Tachometer Tactical Speed Tester Chronograph

X3300 E9800V Multifunctional Tachometer Tactical Speed Tester Chronograph

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Airsoft gun gel ball blasters tools industry's most powerful handheld speedometer. It can test the firing rate of the gun, the initial velocity of the fired bullet, the launch kinetic energy, and the firing distance.

(1) LCD screen display
(2) Measuring initial velocity, cycle velocity, kinetic energy per unit area, and distance
(3) Thickened and strengthened PC panel design
(4) Power display function, can be set to save power automatically shutdown function, low power automatically remind protection protection shutdown function
(5) 30 sets of initial speed test data can be memorized
(6) ABS engineering plastic case
(7) Screw holes on the bottom can be mounted on the camera stand
(8) Removable sun-treated metal inner tube and horn design, convenient and durable
(9) 25MM diameter speed measurement channel, more reliable speed measurement
(10) Chinese / English manual attached
Brand: action union
Model: E9800-X
Test Range:
Rate of fire 0-3600 rounds per minute (0-60 rounds per second)
Bullet muzzle velocity 15-800 m / s (50-2600 ft / s)
Bullet launch kinetic energy 0-500J
1M level horizontal range 0-400 meters (0-1250 feet)
Accuracy: test error ≤ 1.3%
Working voltage: DC 4.5V
Working environment temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃
Overall dimensions: 95 X 93 X 39 MM
Instrument weight: 220 grams
Instrument can be mounted on a standard camera stand
Ultra-high test accuracy: test error ≤1.3%
Double / English system: display m / s, FPS, J, J / cm2, r / m, r / s data
Set the basic information of the measurement object at will: you can set 6 groups of caliber and weight parameters
Smart memory: 30 sets of test data memory (can be shot continuously)
Smart battery display: battery capacity indicator
Intelligent power saving: can be set to automatically shut down at 1-30 minutes, backlight power saving
Environmental protection and power saving: use 3 AAA batteries or lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, saving 25% power compared with similar products
Ergonomically designed casing: All-aluminum casing, sturdy and durable, comfortable for speed measurement
Use operation:
Open the lower battery box cover of the instrument and insert 3 AAA batteries (Battery is not included in the package,please understand)

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