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UZI Nerf Toy Gun Review

Hello everyone, the zhenduo blaster came back again for review another famous nerf gun blaster.

Today, let’s take a look at this transparent Uzi Nerf Blaster

The summary of this uzi nerf gun blaster is:

High rate of fire

Big room for upgrade

Cheap price

Fun to play

Not suitable for people with small hands

Worth buying.

Detailed review version:

Take out the packge first:

uzi nerf blaster package

Very straightforward and simple packing, only UZI-SMG print on the box, there is nowhere to talk.

unbox the uzi nerf gun blaster

The standard original factory configuration, the supplier send one more sling which is full of sincerity. The only thing that the original factory configuration almost means is that there is no Phillips screwdriver. Although it is not bad, but after opening the box, it is a bit of a bad experience to find a suitable screwdriver in the room.

uzi nerf gun manual

Instruction manual, single-sided, suitable for 8 years old and above, emphasizes that it is recommended not to modify at will (I will talk about why it is really not recommended to modify rashly), especially lithium batteries.

uzi foam dart blaster

View from the left, the black plate on the mag is the magazine release.

uzi toy gun

On the right side, the upper black cover is the battery compartment cover, which is fixed by a small screw.

uzi nerf blaster rail

From the top view, the battery compartment space is not too big or not too small. Most of the batteries commonly used by the gel blasters will be too long. On the contrary, the batteries suitable for Renxiang AK and JM scar will be good.

From the back view, this sling even has a picatinny rail which is relatively incomprehensible. Anyone can come out to make a lightweight folding butt stock?

holding a uzi nerf gun

Although this toy blaster looks like a fat and cute version of Ingram, it is big in the hand.

In general, this so-called transparent Uzi has nothing to do with Uzi and Uzi. The short and thick metal bullet tube is just a tube. Because of the transparent ABS material used in the shell, in addition to the show, it also brings a lot of convenience to the rough measurement, after all, the internal structure is unobstructed.

Simply put, this is a frame for putting together the flywheel projectile assembly, the circulating push rod assembly and the corresponding power circuit. The internal space is also sufficient for certain performance upgrades, including wires, motors, and so on. Due to the motor layout, the left side of the blaster is more protruding than the right side. Of course, this is also a common phenomenon on the flywheel NERF. As for the space on the left side of the flywheel, there is a lot of space. There are a total of five motors (4+1), four for the opposing flywheel, and one for the push rod to complete the bomb delivery cycle. That's right, this is a short burst short STF/fine E.

As for the flywheel and the horizontal pattern, if you want to improve the ballistic stability, change to the diagonal pattern. Third-party NERF accessories shops such as craftsman Ike should have corresponding supplements.

Since it is STF, there is naturally a start button, which is still at the middle finger position. The flywheel accelerates very fast, and the trigger can be pulled in less than one second after starting, and it does not affect the burst of rapid fire when it is turned on. Of course, circuit masters can consider brushing a fire control chip that automatically delays the start of the push rod, and then supporting a fast-start high-torque motor, what a way to make money.

The straight magazine is good. It is recommended to load 12 rounds of short stefan darts, and the limit to load is 18 rounds. At this time, the projectile body will be deformed obviously, which is not good. In addition, this magazine has two-way loading and two-way locking and two-way feed. The advantage is that no worry about the ammo feed. And the disadvantages are obvious, if you don't pay attention to the direction of the projectile, it is easy to load ammo in reverse.

shooting a uzi nerf blaster
The original 7.4v battery is equipped with a round tip short darts bullet, which basically spins and flies. But it seems to be okay to change to several other bullets, and single shots are more stable than bursts.

uzi blaster bullet spread

Using suction darts, the image shows the spread shooting from 5m, from over 80% of the wall up rate (12 rounds out of 2 rounds, 18 rounds out of 3 rounds), the trajectory is not bad, especially the dropped ammos are the previous bullets.

Rate of fire, 500-600rpm under 7.4v; average muzzle speed of continuous fire, slightly higher than 17mps (the round tip dart), sufficient as a secondary weapon or for cqb, the single-shot trajectory will be more straight And the initial velocity is faster (but it's quite meaningless to talk about single shots).

Regarding some heart-wrenching parts, this toy is really picky on the foam darts; and the damage to the ammo is not small when the speed is high.

Regarding the 11.1v lithium battery, in the spirit of the author's evaluation, I still took a test. The noise is louder and sharper, not to mention, even the sparks of the flywheel motors can be seen. In addition, stronger power means more damage to the projectile body. As for performance,  1200rpm would be the limit, and the muzzle speed barely touches 20rpm. If you really want to modify it, please replace the flywheel chip and the motor circuit too.

In a word, it's still worth a buy, but we recommend not modify it at all, or modify it completely if you want to change.

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