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The Rhinoceros BJ02 Foam Dart Blaster (US Stock)

The Rhinoceros BJ02 Foam Dart Blaster (US Stock)

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The Rhinoceros BJ02 nerf gun can only ship to USAUK, Australia, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Belgium


- The rhinoceros bj02 nerf blaster need manual reloading by pulling back the slide.

- The bj02 is with top and bottom rails for mounting tactical accessories.

- Solid and powerful. With spring upgrades, it can reach up to 170FPS.

- fit with half length stefan short nerf darts.


Model: rhinoceros bj.02

material: injection molding + metal

color: purple; green

shooting range: 8-10m

Shooting power: around 110FPS

mag capacity: 8

Weight: 458g

size: 26*17cm

package included:

1x rhinoceros blaster

24x short darts

1x safety glasses

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Customer Reviews



The gun itself was actually good. It did not jam, good performance, and overall just a joy to shoot until... I left the gun primed. Two nerf dart got stuck when i shot it. So if you do buy it please don't leave it primed you will regret it.


It’s perfect ! Just that the bullets keep getting stuck


I like it, I use it on my dogs when they bark or get into it. It does jam quite often especially when you try to rapid fire. If you try to empty the clip garuntee it jams at some point toward the end when rapid firing


Years later this is still the best value buy for a nerf blaster. Good base blaster, and comes with an amazing 25 dart drum. Hard to beat this value.


Bought this for my husband to participate in nerf battles with the kids. He loves it! Jams once in awhile but not badly.


Great build quality. As soon as you open the box it feels well built and solid. Unmodded performance is not bad, though not top tier. After upgrading the spring and plunger tube, however, it now hits HARD. I'd say it's comparable to my modded Nexus Pro. The only real issue I have is the prime, which takes a decent amount of effort. There's also a picatinny rail on top of the priming handle that is somewhat uncomfortable while priming.

Overall, for the sub $60 USD I paid for the gun and the parts, I'm very satisfied.

P.S. You'll have to sand/file the new plunger tube and the gun's case to make it fit since it's slightly longer than stock.


Nice solid blaster. around the 110FPS out of the box
Service:awesome! thx a lot for your review, the power is good


A very good and cool toy pistol. It has a long range. The dart bullet is soft and there is no safety problem. The kids are very happy to play and there is no need to worry about them being injured. They like it very much and must be praised.


Different people have different opinions on appearance and design. For the price of a nerf pistol, it is quite good. It is very powerful when hitting the hand within 5 meters, and it shoots out instantly. Children play and remember to wear goggles. In the next step, you can consider making the appearance more beautiful. Generally speaking, it is good. Buy it and look forward to more color schemes.


as a nerf pistol gun, it's good to buy. kids certainly would love it