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Russian SPN mountain all-weather gloves EMR

Russian SPN mountain all-weather gloves EMR

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Russian SPN mountain all-weather gloves EMR

 Unlike VKBO cold gloves, SPN gloves pay more attention to waterproof and moisture-proof, taking into account the role of rain gloves, using a combination of long cylinder waterproof coated cloth gloves and two layers of plush lining. In spring, summer, autumn, wet, cold and winter environments, by adding or reducing the inner plush, can be used as rain moisture-proof and cold gloves, the use of temperature expansion from 15 degrees to -40 degrees. Better adapt to mountain conditions under severe temperature difference or changeable weather. EMR digital camouflage is the same color as SPN cotton and soft shell. The coated composite soft shell fabric encapsulated by silica gel is windproof and waterproof. The outer layer is designed as a long tube. At the same time, there is a wear-resistant and thickened camouflage nylon layer on the side of the palm to strengthen the rain proof and moisture-proof performance in mountain areas. The outer layer alone works well in rain and cold, damp conditions, keeping hands dry and providing camouflage. Lining with high density plush, soft and warm, can play a role in cold environment insulation. At the same time, the lining adopts double removable movable lining design, which is more conducive to cold insulation while convenient for disassembly and washing. This kind of gloves is light and warm, very suitable for spring and winter cold and warm, especially for riding, skiing, outdoor use.

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