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QWK Edge Electric Blowback Dart Blaster

QWK Edge Electric Blowback Dart Blaster

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US$ 239.99

The edge blaster can only ship to USA, UK, Australia, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, Europe., Russia.

Currently the new edge version has solved the issue and included a upgrade battery and extra mag.

Note: need fully charge the battery before usage, otherwise it would be broken.


- yep system, shoots out darts right after triggering, 0 delay.

- blowback.

- Last round hold open.

- Use half length nerf darts.


Brand: QWK

Fire mode: semi auto

Material: nylon

Mag capacity: 14pcs

Color: black; tan

Size: 33*16.4*5cm

Weight: 800g


Velocity: up to 150 FPS

Shooting range: 15-20m

Package included:

1x edge foam blaster

2x magazines

1x 1100mah battery

1x usb charger

Recommend buying this b4 charger for the edge blaster:

Customer Reviews



Blaster is really awesome it shoot very precisely despite short barrel.
The build quality is very good, the handling is excellent.
I use Worker Gen 3 and got few jam (2-3 magazine before getting Jam).
I'm disappointed about the fact that due to issue with stock battery Zhenduo released a new package including extended battery and extra mag few weeks after getting mine since it makes me spend more to get the equivalent...
The big negative aspect of this blaster is that the proprietary magazine is crappy, build quality is poor and design is bad... Screw system to assemble the magazine are little bit too long making them block the spring and the magazine won't be able to push the lasts darts (up to 5) into the barrel. The only solution is to disassemble and reassemble the magazine to unlock the spring, or prong 3D part that will fit in the magazine and juste above the screw, I don't have 3D printer for now so I have to keep screwdriver with me to solve this issue, 2 of my 3 magazines are getting this issue. The inner plastic part that push the dart thanks to the spring was not well finished on my 3 magazines, I had to file and polish a little bit to slide better inside the magazine. Magazine are really overpriced and expensive regarding the build quality.
That's a shame because the crappy magazines deteriorate a lot the very good experience of the blaster.


Clogs easily. Must return for different toy. Conceptually very cool toy but it doesn’t work


I bought too many Christmas gifts last year so I have had this gun hidden in my closet for about 5 months. Today was the day I finally broke this bad boy out in a nerf war with my 2 sons. They were shocked-and running scared! Lol. This gun is easy to wield. I did get the darts jammed eventually but we got it fixed. Definitely worth the money! (Yes , mom was declared the winner!)


Great for the price. Huge gun. Not terribly accurate but fun. Rapid fire works well (you will get an aerobic workout). Still a great gun!


This gun jams up non stop. No evident reason. My son got it for Christmas and within a few hours it no longer is working. Pretty upset since this was my sons favorite toy for Christmas. Too bad it only lasted a few hours.


Bought this as a present to my nephew! He loved it so much! He was so thrilled! It is huge and the blasters are powerful! Kids love big presents and this is a perfect gift for boys who love foam dart blasters. Highly recommending this toy!


Good addition to the foam dart weapons cache. Lots of firepower with this one. Decent velocity and accuracy.


As you might imagine, set up takes some time, you have to put a dart into a hole in the chain each time, but it has good range and excellent rate of fire, not easy to aim/accurate, but who cares. It does take some strength to operate.


My grandson requested this toy & has played with it nonstop since it arrived. Big hit!


Excellent communication, thank you for all your help! My son loves this toy! All the best.


Kids love this toy gun