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Nerf Rival Kronos XVII-500 Review

Reasons to buy

Good price, good price, actually paid the Kronos XVII-500 25usd, I didn't expect to be able to buy an order on Amazon during Double 11. The delivery speed is also okay. The friend nerf blasters toy launcher in this name can pass the customs normally. Although it is not comparable to the aliexpress price, but fortunately, it doesn't take too long to panic buying.

The kronos package, nothing special, a small ball is exposed on the front for you to poke, try the softness.

main body

ammo and manual book

It doesn’t matter if you can read the manual or the text.

Front and back display

pull back

Small yellow ball as a bullet

There are 5 rounds in total, and only 5 rounds can be installed at a time

Use the small balls to shoot faster, so a safety device is installed, and the safety switch has a short stroke.

Bolt machine locked state

open status

Load up, put all five balls in it! ! !

Notice that there is a white protrusion on the muzzle, which will jam when the ball passes by. Is this used to limit the initial velocity?

It should be about the same size as the Mavericks, and smaller than the MEGA cow. The Mavericks haven't found it for a long time, so let's take a look.

Fire! The 450g mineral water bottle fell to the ground (actually, I only shot 3 shots before hitting... sweat). The distance was only 2.5m, which was too bad.

The round ball ballistic feels much more straight than the darts eva ammo, but this one is obviously a bit to the right side?



faster rate of fire,

straighter trajectory,

and more refreshing


too few ammunition capacity, need to buy 100 rounds at least

manual operation is not cool enough,

The ball bounces around, and picking up bullets is even more painful.

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