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JM AK74u J12 Gel Blaster Review

As an old boy in his early forties, there are not many exciting things in life. I am an unqualified military fan, but being immersed in the world of gunfire is one of my few joys. Not long ago, an occasional discovery on zhenduo gel blasters opened up a new world for me. I can’t wait to share this interesting experience with friends who like military knowledge.

Gel Blaster is a kind of a toy that has only emerged in recent years. With the invention and rapid popularization of gel ball blasters that can launch but have no lethality and comply with national laws and regulations, gelsoft have also entered a rapid development. At the stage when the quality and technological level are constantly rising, the gel gun is also divided into cheaper prices, more exaggerated appearance, simple operation and stronger materials for gel blasters and the appearance is similar to some world-famous gun models, and the operation is more professional. Adult toy gun. Of course, there are differences between the two categories and the initial velocity of water beads gels, etc. I will not list them one by one. I am talking about a special launcher suitable for adults over 18 years old. Those who are not enough age please retire by yourself.

The adult water bomb launcher has a realistic imitation design, high-quality production technology and a joyful launching feel, and has been loved by more and more military fascinating. Just like the Jinming 12 AK74 water bomb I recommend today The launcher is a good toy for military fans to play with and collect.

To be honest, I also bought this gen12 ak74u with a nervous mood. I feel that a toy that is so expensive will be fooled and waste my energy. Besides, if it is too similar, will anyone think that I am reselling guns for adult hobby?

Gel ball blaster recommendation ---Jin Ming J12 to find out. Of course, these worries became redundant after opening the box. As a "pseudo" military fan, the overall shape of this launcher has satisfied most of my illusions.

The overall nylon material of the launcher is full of weight in the hand, and the workmanship is very sophisticated. It depicts the design form of the classic Soviet design AK74u. The butt stock is foldable and the way of removing the magazine is also restored. There is also a gun on the right hand side of the whole. Machine imitation, you can adjust three modes, single shot, burst and lock. There is an adjustable sight on the top of the blaster, of course, this thing has no practical use at all. The box also comes with a 7.4 volt rechargeable battery and a bag of ungrown gel ball beads. I can’t wait to try it out.

It takes three or four hours to soak the gel balls, and finally wait until the gels are soaked, reloaded, and started. Set the mode to burst, pull the trigger, accompanied by a crisp impact, a series of water bombs hit the target, the water bombs shattered into countless pieces, it feels like being on the game battlefield, beating strange monsters in embarrassment Fleeing, this kind of satisfaction cannot be experienced without personal experience. I heard that there are already gel blaster teams in many places, which is indeed very attractive. The launch of this water gel blaster feels much more real than the infrared emission equipment in the original CS. I have nothing to do, meet a few friends, find a venue, play a few rounds, and sweat profusely, which is a kind of exercise for physical strength and wisdom.

After talking for a long time, this Jinming J12  blaster can be considered as the end of the introduction, because the picture does not know whether it is against the regulations, I only posted an unpacking picture, this thing is only suitable for some friends who like military, you can search the website if you like it. Once I don’t like it, no one will read it. Anyway, I think it’s a good thing for military fans to get started, whether it’s playing with it or putting on a gel ball blaster. Of course, just play it at home, don’t Take it out and dangle in the street, everything must be in compliance with national laws as the first principle, remember. Finally, I wish you all a happy, childlike heart.

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