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Gel Blaster Repair Manual

Gel Blaster Repair Manual

Hello there!

Zhenduo Toys have many years experience on gel ball blasters and we have met with many types of blaster issues. We will list some mainly problems we usually have with our gel blasters in daily as well as the solution. Hope this will help you for your game experience.

Here are some common issues for JM Gen8 , FB, ldt hk416 and other v2 v3 gearboxes.

1. The shooting range is short

Reason 1: the tappet is broken or damaged

Solution: Swap a new one, recommend a hardened nylon one, the metal tappet is tend to be snapped cuz it has no tenacity.

Recommended products:
For ldt hk416, FB gearboxes:
For JM and v2 gearboxes:
For v3 gearboxes:

Reason 2: The fixed column for the return spring is broken

Solution:Swap a new gearbox shell

Recommended products:

Reason 3: the tappet is not installed well

Solution: polish the tappet or add some grease in the tappet groove.

Recommend products:

Fighting bro grease:

For Kublai p1:

Reason 4: return spring get aged or broken

Solution: change a new return spring

Find your return spring type here:

Reason 5: The gel ball size is smaller than the inner barrel

Solution: check the size and use the suitable gels or grow it to its full size

Gel balls:

Reason 6: The sealing is bad

Solution: use silicone glue to airtight glue the t-piece with barrel, cylinder with cylinder head and nozzle better.

Recommended product:

2. The gels are easy to be smashed

Reason 1: The fps is too high

Solution: use lower voltage batteries like 7.4v, lower the motor speed ,install the gear delay parts

Recommened products:

HJ 7.4v 30c battery:

Gear delay units:

Reason 2: The gel balls are bigger than inner barrel diameter

Solution:Using milky white harden gels, and control the growth time of gels

AKA v2 Gel balls:

AKA milky white gel balls:

Reason 3: preload priming for a long time

Solution: Decrease the mag priming time

Reason 4: Both ends of inner barrel are rough

Solution:Using barrel chamfering tool to polish and make the ends smooth.

barrel double chamfering tool:

3. The gel ball trajectory is unstable

Reason 1: Big air volume cylinder

Solution: exchange it to a smaller volume cylinder, for example from 100% to 75% ported

Recommend product:

Reason 2: spring size isn't compatible with the barrel.

Solution: get a suitable spring to fit the inner barrel

find your desired spring here:

Reason 3: without hop up or invalid hop up

Solution: get a hop up for your toy gun type or adjust your hop up

find your suitable hop up here:

Reason 4: the head of nozzle is fragile, easy to break

Solution: get a new metal upgrade nozzle

find your nozzle here:

Reason 5: Both ends of inner barrel are rough

Solution:Using barrel chamfering tool to polish and make the ends smooth.

barrel double chamfering tool:

4. Gears are not working perfectly

Reason 1: the spring is too large

Solution: get smaller spring or lower the motor speed.

find your desired spring here:

Reason 2: the gearbox isn't well lubricated

Solution: Add more grease into the gears

Recommend products:

Fighting bro grease:

Element grease set:

or this high end japan d70 lubricant spray:

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