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Cyberpunk 2077 Lizzie Gecko Foam Dart Pistol - Injection Moulding

Cyberpunk 2077 Lizzie Gecko Foam Dart Pistol - Injection Moulding

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AUD$ 49.95

The nerf gecko can only ship to USAUK, Australia, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Belgium


- cyberpunk 2077 lizzy style foam dart pistol, very futuristic style.

- Manual reloading by pulling back the slide, realistic shooting experience.

- 2 sections slide design

- fits worker angled talon mag


color: white; blue; ghost; transparent

material: injection molding nylon

aluminum barrel

Fire power: 90fps

mag capacity: 8 ammos

weight: 500g

size: 20*27cm

package included:

1x nerf gecko foam dart blaster

20x short darts

1x black magazine (white mag for the red gecko)

1x red dot dight

Lizzy nerf gecko Upgrades:


175mm metal inner barrel:

metal piston:

fiber sight:

metal charging handle:

gecko butt stock mod:

Customer Reviews



This pistol is larger than you think, which is perfect for me for my big hands, it hits really well with dartzone/worker darts too and the slide is smooth, you need to really get used to the strength of the spring but once you do it's a really fun thing to shoot (it works with real steel military sights and lights, I tested it out with mine)


Review for: gecko clone toy nerf. The gun shoots darts with surprising accuracy and makes noise while you shoot. I am impressed with how well built it is. I believe it for quality and I love that it can also use the talon mag.


I really like this pistol, is getting in the 90 fps range with Dart Zone pro bamboo darts just out of the box. I also picked up some upgrades for it, not sure if I will put them in just yet. Blaster is well built, feels very solid in the hand, action is very smooth, love injection molding and not hearing the scraping of 3d printed parts.
Service:thanks a lot for your honest review on the lizzy gecko, hope you enjoy the injection moulding type


Personal feelings, the accuracy is nothing to argue, The grip feel is average, the magazine capacity is large, and the gun body is very silky. The gun body is large and full of weight. It has just been lubricated by itself. The overall appearance is very good especially for the painting. This price is recommended.


love feel of the blaster, shipping was little long but blaster no damage to the box or blaster and extra mags. testing the blaster with adventure pro darts i was getting low of 90 to 94fps to high of 104fps, with the dart zone max darts i was getting 91 to 93 fps and high of 102 fps, only issue is slanted talon mags do not fit. looking forward on upgrading it next


love the feel of the blaster only problem the blaster cant fit slanted talon mags, from out of the box the blaster hits in the fps 90 to 94fps and high of 104fps using Adventure pro darts, dart zone max darts 89fps to 90fps high of 101fps with stock spring, shipping was little bit to long but it came it time for a upcoming nerf event only thing i had to do paint orange on the tip area.
Service:thx a lot for your positive review, yeah the gecko is very cool and we can offer some of its upgrades to make it more powerful


Shipping was quick. Great customer service. Thing is awesome and nicely made.
Service:i am glad to hear your feedback, we are happy to do business with you!


hope they got the licence to sell it, nevermind. i can't wait to try the injection molding version gecko, it's just awesome and cool