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Cyma M4 CQB Gel Blaster (EU Stock)
Cyma M4 CQB Gel Blaster (EU Stock)


AUD$ 163.05
Reviews (3)
  • 2021-09-08
    arrived quick via USPS, this gel ball shooter is friendly for beginners, it has a easy to understand construction and decent power.
  • 2021-09-08
    - Gun looks awesome
    - Easy to assemble
    - Shoots fast and will hurt up close
    - Battery lasts for multiple days w/o charging
    - Mag holds a decent amount of ammos
    - Modifications is available, just like my image shows i upgrade the barrel
  • 2021-08-01
    good for beginner, it's less expensive and you have all you need out of the box! zhen is really amazing