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BF MP7 V4 Gel Blaster (EU Stock)
BF MP7 V4 Gel Blaster (EU Stock)


AUD$ 139.95
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  • 2021-08-10
    So far FIVE stars!! I just got it by DHL and have only tested it out.
    I bought this for myself and not my kids for certain reasons. I wanted something that could shoot far and powerful, be fairly accurate or close enough and offer enough annoyance to work for my intended goal.
    This thing so far satisfies all those requirements, it also has both stick and drum magazine.
    My son helped test it out, He wants one of his own. Hubby let me shoot him from about 20 feet away and he says it packs a nice little sting. Needless to say, my son wasn't so keen on me shooting him after dad took first turn. I did have some fun shooting at his feet after he hid behind my vehicle. 😭🤣
    FIVE stars!!! They weren't kidding when they described this thing and I'm happy to finally buy a product that works as advertised!!!
    Again, will update if things turn south. Recommend!