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F902 Shell Ecjection Soft Bullet G18 Glock Blaster
F902 Shell Ecjection Soft Bullet G18 Glock Blaster


AUD$ 27.16
Reviews (2)
  • 2021-09-11
    this nerf glock works fantastic! A lot of fun! Simulates exactly like a real gun!
    as long as don’t use in sandy areas, the reloading is fine, maybe add some lube would be better
  • 2021-09-08
    bought the green and pink one. Well apparently this is not a knock off, and it looks original designed nerf gun.
    It's non-electric manual reloading spring powered. I have seen more expensive seller on amazon and ebay. this seller's price is the lowest! damn you should find this seller earlier.
    I got the kit that comes with the muffler for sure, same as their advertisement.
    As it's a shell ejecting toy gun, i don't expect its shooting range, i play it for fun and leisure!
    Service:thank you for your feedback, this glock blaster is worth to get